Why Bbq Catering For Your Next Event?


Are you thinking of hosting a party this coming weekend? Maybe this is something you do very often and enjoys doing. You may even have thrown a birthday party for each of your family member. Or maybe this is your first time to host an event and you have no idea what and how to plan it. Whichever case you’re in, bbq catering is always a good way to celebrate. Though there are many other types of food catering, barbecue has always been the favorite food of many party goers in Singapore when it comes to outdoor gatherings. Here are the reasons why:


1. Casual and Relaxed Ambiance

Cookout party is definitely more casual than indoor fine dining party. By opting for a cookout affair, your guests are able to relax and socialize casually. And since barbecue is a finger food, they can bring the food along with them to the dance floor or while they chat with other guests. Otah and satay dishes are much easier to eat while having fun in a party than saucy filet mignon and rib eye steak.

2. Accommodate Large Crowd

If you have 150 to 200 invitees in your guest list, it might be very strenuous for you to provide everyone with complete dining utensils and glassware. For weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings and other occasions with huge number of guests, bbq catering can be your best choice. In most cases, bbq wholesale and catering companies provide buffet style banquet, saving you more money for not having to hire servers to set up the tables and plate the food. Or if you wish to have a less casual and more elegant style of bbq party, you can go for plated barbecue meals instead. Whichever way you prefer, you will still save a lot compared to other types of banquet style.


3. Quick and Easy to Plan

Throwing a bbq party does not need thorough planning. You can plan it weeks, days, or even hours before the scheduled time of the party, as long as your cmy bbq Singapore wholesale and catering provider is available on that day. Bbq dishes are very easy to prepare and doesn’t need sample tasting sessions. Most of the common foods served in a bbq party are burgers, sausages, hotdogs, grilled seafood such as fishes and shrimps, vegetables, fruits, and ice cold beverages.

4. Perfect Weather and Locations

The next reason why bbq catering should be a top choice for your next event is for you and your guests to enjoy the perfect location and weather of Singapore. The country is gifted with an almost all-year round sunny weather and has so many outdoor venues to offer. Condominiums and other residential areas provide open spaces where residences can hold their parties, get-together, and other social gatherings.


5. Local Barbecue Tradition

Another reason why bbq party is famous in Singapore is because of the local bbq tradition that is appreciated and admired by many people of different nationalities. Singapore is well-known for their authentic satays and other South East Asian dishes, which are even served in many countries around the world. People from outside the country enjoy the authentic flavors and aroma thereby prompting them to try making it on their own and experience the intricate, delicious taste of bbq with their family and friends.

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