Variety of Cuisines in Singapore


As a country with different cultures, Singapore has assorted foods to boast. Singapore cuisine is among the unique dishes around the world. This is because of the many races like Chinese, Malay, Indian and British that influenced the country with their food.


The exotic foods in Singapore were born. These are the combined foods from different culture which made Singapore cuisine standout in other countries.

Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine was brought by Portuguese traders. Basically, there just came in the country for commerce; however, the potential of Singapore kitchen has led to the entrance of Portuguese cuisine in the country. Portuguese cuisine has something to do with sea foods. Since Singapore is abundant with sea foods, Portuguese cuisine is easily introduced to many Singaporeans. One of their famous and well-liked foods is cozido a portuguesa and ameijoas a bulhao pato.


European Cuisine

Also known the Western cuisine, European cuisine influenced Singapore with their meat and bread served with a delicious flavor and seasonings. The most popular Western dishes are Italian Pasta, French bread, German Black Forest, grilled Steak and many more.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

If something is lacking in your spices, let Middle Eastern cuisine remember it for you. Actually, Middle Eastern cuisine main ingredients consist of pitas, sesame, olives and olive oil, parsley and dates as well as honey. For the main dish, Labneh, Shawarma, Fatayer and Kibbeh are few of the many famous Middle-eastern foods.

Since Singapore is a little country, there is a limited space for agricultural goods. Because of that, the spices and other cooking products in Singapore are being exported.



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