Too Much to Eat: How to Treat a Full Tummy and Feel Better


Oh dear, we usually find ourselves in situations where we’ve eaten more than we could possibly chew. The food was just that good we couldn’t help but eat a fortune. What do we do now? Although full and happy, we need to move around. What if we still had things to do after our meal?

This might call for you to digest your food as fast as you can. Do you know that you can actually make your body metabolize faster? Don’t expect to instantly get rid of the food coma, though, just try to get out of it as fast as you can. Here are a few tips for you to get out of the food coma as fast as possible:

1.  Stand straight

Standing up straight allows your digestive system to be right where it has to be and therefore helping out with the digestion process. You’ll need to stand with your back straight and allow your stomach to do the work. Don’t slouch at all. Slouching could really delay the digestion process and that could be disastrous for you if you’re deep into the food coma.

2.  Walk around a little

Walking around a little helps your body digest faster by pushing your body from a very relaxed state into a more active state. Don’t push your body too much as your stomach might hurt. Just give yourself the right kind of push to walk around, heating up your body a little bit, and digesting along the way. No matter how much you feel like sitting down, don’t do it. Walk around a little more.

3.  Drink tea

Ah yes, the medicine for food coma. Tea might be the best way to speed up your digestion process and get you out of a food coma because tea deals with the problem internally. The somewhat hot temperature of tea helps break down solid food still stuck inside your stomach and basically clears the way for a smoother digestion process.

4.  Stretch

Slowly but surely, stretch with all your might. Be careful not to stretch too far too soon as that might shock your body and might even give you stomach cramps. The main reason why stretching is helpful is that it helps normalize blood circulation within the body which in turn helps your digestive system work just right despite being on a food coma.

Although over eating or eating way too much than what we can take is never good for us, we can’t help it sometimes. The food is just too good. Despite that, we should learn to control our appetite as neither starving nor over eating is good for us. Eat what you need and try not to be excessive.

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