Tips on Making Money While Touring the World  


Travelling the world is something that most people dream of doing. But when you add up the airfare and hotel booking cost, as well as taking the time off work, going on a two week vacation every is anything but affordable. Still, if the idea of getting out of Singapore and see the world appeals to you, here are some clever ideas on how you can earn while satisfying your wanderlust.


  1. Work from where you’re staying during your trip

Home-based jobs have become popular for most people today, since with fast internet connections at home, a daily trek to the office is no longer necessary. Which is why getting handful of online jobs is a great way to earn some bucks while going around the world. Every major city in the world now have good internet, but be wary as some country’s internet connections aren’t as reliable as you imagine it to be.

  1. Become a freelance tour guide

Applying as a freelance tour guide in the place where you’re temporarily staying is another good way to make money while travelling. You have the choice to be a freelance tour guide, or go and work for a tour company. Of course, working on a contract with a tour company will give you more security, but most people prefer working as a freelance as it gives them more flexibility in where they travel.

  1. Be a flight attendant

One great option that provides you with both security and travelling opportunity is becoming a flight attendant. With this job, you’ll get a reasonable wage while travelling the world as your work. Also, Singapore flight attendants are provided with incredible benefits for their own independent travelling.

  1. Make money blogging

There are various ways to earn money online as you travel, and being a freelance blogger is one of them. If you love writing and blogging, then this job won’t seem like work at all, and you can even turn it into a lucrative business if you want to.


  1. Sell photos of your trips

If you have the eye for photography, then becoming a photographer is another fun way to earn money while capturing the beauty of your trips. Just purchase a decent camera, take some good shots, and sell your photos online. You can sell your photographs on stock photo websites, travel magazines, or companies. If you want, you could also set up your own website to display and sell your shots.

  1. Get a cruise liner job

Similar with being a flight attendant, becoming a crew of a cruise liner is also a great job to get into if you want to earn some bucks, and have an all-expenses paid trip around the world. The travelling hours can be quite long though, and the pay is not that brilliant, but meeting new people and seeing new sights will make it all worthwhile.

  1. Opt for seasonal jobs

Not afraid of working outdoors and doing a bit of hard work? Then seasonal work in orchards and farms are perfect for you. People who are in this business bounce all over the world, as they follow the harvest season in different countries with trips that are fully funded.

There are various ways on how you can make some money while travelling. Perhaps, the best advice for this is to have a variety of income source while travelling instead of sticking to a particular job. Also, be sure to have a ‘get home quick’ fund safely stashed away in case you might need it.


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