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It is still the beginning of 2014 but there have been two reports of persons posting insensitive and offensive remarks on social networking sites. The first case was an individual who assumes the name of “iamclarena” who posted racist comments on Twitter. The second case was a man using a fictitious name – Heather Chua who posted insensitive or offensive remarks on Facebook. 


The police are advising the public to stop spreading religious and racial remarks because it can provoke hostility between religions and races. You should know that under the Penal Code, any person found guilty of encouraging hostility on the grounds of religion or race is punishable. You can be imprisoned and/or fine.

If you are an online user, you should be cautious of what you post. Racial and religious remarks are prevalent. It is serious. Apart from that, you need to be careful of other things before you click that “post” or “tweet” button. Here are the things that you should stop “posting” or “tweeting”:

1. Do not broadcast your emotions. If you are battling something, you should look for your friend and talk about it. Do not just post it in social networking sites and be ridiculed by others. There are things that you should keep to yourself.

2. Do not broadcast your relationships. It is good that you are proud of your relationship but the affair is between the two of you. You do not need to broadcast how happy and sweet you are. There is nothing wrong if you post good things but you should select it.


3. Do not flaunt your riches. It is not your fault to be rich or privileged but you have to be sensitive of other people. You are also enticing other people to plan something that can harm you.

4. Do not reveal personal information. You have to know that there are many identity thieves online. If you post everything openly, you are making their work easier. Do not post everything especially your phone number, email password, bank information and everything that can compromise your identity.

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