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If you have a lot of things in mind that you want to share or you want a record of important events in your life, starting a personal blog might be a great idea. It’s an alternative to a written journal if you hate your penmanship or you’re too lazy to scribble.

What Should I Write?

It could be a lifestyle blog that talks about fashion, food, health and travel. With a personal blog, you can write about anything. You can post reviews of books or comics, movies, music, television series, and video games. You can even talk about politics. There are also blogs that showcase art, photography and short fiction.


What If I Don’t Want to Write?

You blog does not have to contain only text. You can post your photos and art if you want to show your work. You can also share personal moments so you can revisit them in the future. There are also blogs that specialize in tutorials. Some of these have videos.


Can I Earn by Blogging?

You might even consider earning through your blog. For example, there are book reviewers who receive copies from publishers long before the release date. Some also earn through advertisements in their blog. Not only do you get to keep doing what you want, but you are also paid while doing it.


Where Do I Start Blogging?

There are sites where you can create blogs for free. Among the most popular are WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), LiveJournal and Tumblr. Pick the site that suits you best. WordPress and Blogger have a reputation for popularizing blogging, while LiveJournal has a community that’s been around for years.

What Do I Get by Blogging?

Some people use it as a medium for sharing their works and their opinions. It’s one way of practicing your writing skills. You will get the same fulfillment in blogging as if you’re writing a traditional journal. Editing your own work is easier and you can share it to the public.


What Should I Look Out For?

It has disadvantages though. Blogs don’t usually have editors, even a group blog. Some writers do not verify their information. Opinion blogs are mostly unreliable because no one is telling the writer how to do it. Treat blogs as an alternative source for news, but be very critical.


What Do I Need to Remember?

If you have to quote from other works or use photos and artworks that you did not create yourself, don’t forget to cite your sources. This will make your blog look legitimate and the readers will trust you more. Using artworks in particular can be a sensitive issue. Respect other people’s work.


How Do I Attract Followers?

You will get more readership if you post more often. Promote your blog by using appropriate tags in your post and by posting links to your blog. Visiting and writing comments on other blog posts is also a good exposure.

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