Nutritional Requirements for Sarcopenia


You see your elderly parents or grandparents struggle every day in performing basic tasks. This is because they are slowly losing their vigour, strength and muscle mass. This condition is called sarcopenia and it is natural as you grow old. If you are the primary care provider of your elderly, you should know everything about sarcopenia so you can help your elderly effectively. 


Preventing and treating this condition necessitates a holistic approach. Holistic approach refers to the complete strategies to improve their lives. It will include nutritional approach, HRT (Human Replacement Therapy) approach, physical exercise approach and many more. If in this case you are looking into the nutritional approach to enhance muscle mass, you should consider the following nutrients and make sure that you include it in their diet:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is famous for its crucial part in bone health. Recent research proved that Vitamin D is more than bone health. It can help maintain and support muscle mass especially for the elderly. Research found out that low Vitamin D is associated with reduced muscle function and bone formation. Knowing this, you should give your elders food and supplements rich in Vitamin D.

Whey protein

Elder people are finding it hard to gain high quality proteins. Whey proteins come from dairy products. Research found out that increasing whey protein intake can protect elders from muscle loss. In other words, whey protein is effective when it comes to preservation of lean body mass for older people. You should add this to your elder’s diet right away.


Other nutrients

Apart from vitamin D and whey protein, you can also include other nutrients in the diet of your elder. You can consider the famous omega-3 fatty acids, amino acid and carnitine. Scientists have yet to prove that these nutrients are beneficial for sarcopenia patients however these nutrients have mechanisms that can stimulate healthy muscle mass.

Everyone will end up like this but the good thing is that you can do something to reduce its risk. You can consider a regimen that can help you deal with sarcopenia when it is time. You should take charge of your diet while it is early. You can also consider HRT as recommended by your doctors, you can take supplements and more importantly, you should exercise regularly. These things can increase your lean muscle mass. If you increase your muscle mass, you will become stronger and healthier.

Exercise should be considered when you are looking into managing and preventing sarcopenia in the future. Your actions will surely shape your future. If you want to grow old happy, healthy and independent, you should consider the things mentioned above. It can do you good.

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