New Restaurants in Singapore That Serve the Best


In year 2012, there are a lot eateries and food chains that opened. This has made the economy of Singapore boost. Singapore is known to its high standard living and a stable country with regards to financial standings.


As a matter of fact, Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. Therefore, many businessmen take risk in venturing to any business in the country and one of the businesses belongs to the category of foods.

1. Moosehead Kitchen Bar: Own by the famous manger in Four Seasons Singapore, Daniel Ballis venture into food business and as of today, the business is booming making his more popular. Here, they serve different dishes in which scrambled egg with mushroom is the trademark. Also, grilled asparagus is a great serving in here.

2. Bar-roque Grill: This restaurant standout because of their little neck clams served in white wine with garlic sausages (pork).​ Also, delicious meats are served here with a touch of Mediterranean style.


3. Bacchanalia: This restaurant serves an unusual creation of foods like duck and vegetable recipes. Bacchanalia was owned by Alexander Chew and Raj Datwani.

Actually, you will love several foods served in Singapore. Apart from the good services that these new restaurants served, there are also great things to do while you are having a vacation in Singapore. On the other hand, many people are satisfied with the foods that they serve and a lot of people are craving with the different dishes they hand out.

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