How to Stay Safe on Social Networking Sites


The advent of internet made all things easier and smoother. Internet facilitated the exchange of information. It is now easy to search for a person and follow his/her life because of social networking sites. Social networking sites are established on the concept of connectedness. There are social networking sites that exist for the purpose of establishing friendships. There are others who want to establish relationships like romantic and business. zxcb

Regardless of your objectives, there is always a site for you. Social networking sites are diverse. As a user, you have to understand the security implications of the networking sites. Networking sites will ask you to provide basic information. The information that you revealed can attract other people with malicious intentions. It is important that you know how to protect yourself from these people. Here are effective tips:

  1. Limit personal information. Never give all your personal information freely. You should be aware of the information you post. You will not notice but sometimes, you are making yourself vulnerable. For example, do not just reveal your routines or schedules.


  1. Remember how public it is. Whenever you post something, you have to remember that it will be made public. If you are not comfortable posting something, you should not consider it at all. Once you post something, you cannot take it back.
  2. Be cautious. Social networking sites are full of bogus and deceiving people. With that in mind, you have to be cautious especially if you are talking with a stranger. When you talk to other people, you have to be wary of the personal information you reveal.
  3. Be doubtful. It is true that not all things you read online are true. Do not believe everything that you read or heard online because other people might deceive or mislead you. There are people who will deliberately mislead you but there are others that unintentionally mislead you.
  4. Get to know about your settings. You have to be familiar with your privacy settings. The good thing is that there are default settings. You can just customize it so you can restrict other people’s access to your account. Without prior notice, sites may change their settings, you have to be updated.
  5. Update your browser and antivirus. If your web browser is outdated, you have to update it right away. Installing software updates can keep the attacker at bay. Do not forget about your antivirus. Antivirus can help you and your computer against damages.

If you want to be secured, the best thing is not to post anything that you do not want the public to know. It is better if you do not have networking sites if you are that paranoid but then it would be dull and boring.


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