How to Spot a Good Epi-LASIK Eye Surgeon


Looking for the right eye surgeon for your Epi-LASIK procedure is actually not as difficult compared to looking for a surgeon for other eye treatment procedure. However, settling for an unqualified surgeon will definitely give you a bad eye procedure outcome that can affect not just your vision but the overall quality of your life and general health. That’s why finding the right eye surgeon will go a long way not just in silencing your misgivings, but also in giving you favorable end result.


Some of the indicators of a qualified eye surgeon includes great credentials and willingness to work hand-in-hand with the patient to achieve the best possible outcome and resolve any possible outcomes following the procedure. Aside from those indicators, the following tips will also will also help you in your search for the perfect Epi-LASIK eye surgeon in Singapore.

1. Experience is definitely a plus

Ideally, you’d want to go for Singapore eye surgery centers that has already developed and established a long track record. Finding an eye surgeon that has already performed hundreds or even thousands of eye procedures will ensure you that you’re dealing with not just an experienced professional but also a competent one. With this, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your Epi-LASIK eye surgeon has already encountered and performed on pretty much any eye abnormalities there is. Though some inexperienced surgeons might be able to provide similar quality and result, but without a track record, there’s no way to ascertain this.

2. Pick one of the big eye surgery centers

While eye procedures such as LASIK, PRK and Epi-LASIK are standard procedure, there are different technologies that exist to streamline the treatment, as well as provide additional support. That’s why going with one of the big and popular eye surgery centers like an established lasik clinic at clearvision in Singapore will help you feel more secured that you’re going to get top-of-the-line laser technology at reasonable prices.

An eye surgery center that performs numerous vision correction procedures can spread the both the cost of the technology and facility used over more customers, while the smaller ones only have fewer customers, thus, their services are more expensive.

3. Meet up with the surgeon before undergoing the procedure

Before deciding on which surgeon would be performing your Epi-LASIK procedure, we suggest that you meet up with the surgeon first. Ask questions that concern you about the procedure. Also, make sure that you’re comfortable with your chosen eye surgeon. Speaking with qualified and practiced surgeon beforehand will help assuage your fears and doubts about the procedure, making you feel more confident about your decision to undergo an Epi-LASIK Singapore treatment. If you’re not that confident and comfortable with your surgeon, then don’t hesitate to inquire about getting a new one, or better yet go to a different eye surgery center that you think is capable of catering to your needs professionally.


4. Speak with any of the surgeon’s former or current patients

Word of mouth is definitely one of greatest way to help you pick the right eye surgeon for you. Before thinking of engaging with a particular surgeon, talk with their current or previous clients first and find out as to how comfortable they are with their chosen procedure – it would be greater if you talk with patients who have undergone the same procedure as yours. Ask their thoughts about the surgeon, the laser technology used, the staff and the prices of the eye surgery.

Find out if they had a positive experience not just with the surgeon, but with the eye surgery center as a whole. It would also help if they can share any negative side effects that they experienced after the procedure, if there are any. Generally, people feel pretty strongly with their eye surgery experiences – regardless of the particular procedure they’ve been through – which makes them more than willing to recommend good surgeons or caution you against specific eye surgeons and eye centers in Singapore.

5. Offers a touch-up or follow-up sessions

A good surgeon would be more than willing to provide his patients with a touch-up surgery when needed. Some surgeons get a low enhancement rate because they make it pretty difficult or costly just to get one. You’ll definitely want a surgeon that makes it easy for you to improve your vision when necessary, but is professional and accurate enough that touch-ups are rarely needed.
With these tips to serve as your guide, it’s now possible for you to find an eye surgeon that can assure you of getting a favorable end result.


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