Convincing Singaporeans to Choose Entrepreneurship



Here in Singapore, life is hard without a living. Some are enjoying their living while others are struggling to meet both ends. Here, the classic formula is to study hard, do well in school, graduate then eventually find a good job and work your way from there. If you continue just like that, there will come a day that you will boss the people around.


However, many modern people think that making a living is more than a profession like being doctor, lawyer, banker or civil servant. Making a living also means being an entrepreneur. In fact, the government is convincing people to consider entrepreneurship. It is not easy being an entrepreneur here but one can make it do. For those who are not that convinced yet, here are some points that you can consider to choose entrepreneurship more than any profession in the world:

  • Altering of mentality: The society is conservative but with the coming of technology and innovation, it is time to change mentality. It is undeniable that the brightest students in the society are anxious of getting into a profession seen by the society as “suitable” for them. If they wander off the beaten track, people will think that it is a waste. If this mindset will not change, students will take conservative jobs.


  • Diversity at school: Diversity is important in every society. Even in school, when students are empowered of the range of possibilities for their future, they will think of broader things like being an entrepreneur.


  • Reduce intense culture at work: Maybe you haven’t heard of the news but in average, we work longer than any other people in the world. This intense culture at work merely deters your potential to be good at something else. Some businesses started as a side gig. It is not an “all or nothing” risk unlike what other people are led to believe. You can start slowly and surely then devote all your energy to it.


  • Unemployment benefits: The government should think of something to entice more entrepreneurs. Why not start with unemployment benefits for entrepreneurs? While some are building their own network and empire, the government is backing them with financial support. This is enough to motivate and give chance for individuals to excel in business.

If that is not that convincing, at least think about it for some time and realize the difference. It is not yet too late to consider entrepreneurship. The journey is not a guarantee success but the important thing is you learn at the end of the day and cope up.


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