Chinese Celebrations 2013


Chinese have many festivities. Many people look forward to the festivities of Chinese because of its grandeur and life. Chinese are too accommodating to let other people see, feel and experience their celebrations and festivities. If you want to witness Chinese Festivities in Singapore for 2013-2014, here’s a list:


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a widely celebrated holiday not only in Asia but around the world. The date of the New Year varies depending on the lunar calendar. The New Year is the most important and the longest of all festivals (celebrated for two weeks). The New Year will bring communities together and decorate every house or pathway with colourful lanterns, flowers and vibrantly coloured banners with greetings. It is full of traditions and beliefs. For instance family would clean the house before the actual celebration, pay off debts, paint the doors and windows red, etc.

For Chinese New Year 2014, as early as now there are scheduled programs in Singapore. New Year-Wishing Tree (January 7-14 February), New Year Festive Street Bazaar (January 10-30), New Year Opening Ceremony (January 11), New Year Nightly Stage Shows (January 11-30), New Year Street Light Up (January 11-February 28), New Year 7th International Lion Dance Competition (January 18-19), New Year Mass Reunion Dinner (January 26), New Year Countdown Party (January 30) and New Year Yuan Xiao Party (February 9).

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

For Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations 2013, the schedule of programs include Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony (September 7), Lantern Making Competition (August 31), Lantern Painting Competition (September 1), Festive Street Bazaar (September 6-19), Nightly Stage Shows (September 7-19) and Mass Lantern Walk (September 15).

If you don’t want to miss anything, please take note of the dates.

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