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Organized Writing: Key to Getting Your Readers’ Attention


Organizing your writing may be something hard for you to do, but it’s actually really simple. It is easier to understand thoughts or writings when they are presented to you in an organized manner rather than having to read through a whole abstract writing trying to make sense of everything when the more you read, the more lost you become. This is why organizing your writing is important.

Breaking Your Article into Parts
So, how exactly do you organize your writing? Well, before that, let’s go back a bit into our thoughts. Our mind works in mysterious ways, sometimes we are able to organize our thoughts in our minds and sometimes when things get too complicated, it gets even harder for you to be able to have a clear vision and you might even get lost on what you are writing along the way.

This is definitely not something you want to happen to you. So, how does the process go? Well, we start with the simple division of information. We have the introduction, the center or the middle part, and we have the ending.

Drawing Your Reader into Your Article
The introduction is obviously where you get to set the pace and scenario bringing your audience to your level by updating them or educating them on what they’ve missed or don’t know. This is very important because not only does the introduction help you explain the important details of your article, it is also supposed to catch the attention of your readers.

Giving an eye-catching introduction is a great way to start your article since you’ve increased their curiosity and focus towards your writing. Now let’s go to the middle part of the article. Depending on how much information you are trying to present, there are a lot of ways to structure the middle part of the article. You can go from the most general to the most specific or vice versa.

Keeping Your Readers’ Attention
Don’t forget to keep in mind that the attention of the audience is very important so if you have to simplify some things, you may want to do that. Well, this depends on what you are writing, sometimes you will need to elaborate instead of simplify depending on the topic. Once you’ve done everything that needed to be done and said everything that needed to be said, it’s finally time to wrap everything up.

This is the tricky part, the ending. Ending your writing on a short note might decrease the possibility of your audience retaining what they’ve just read. Without a powerful ending, your audience might most likely forget your whole writing. Which is why we ask the question, why shouldn’t they forget?

Writing With the Material Available to You


No matter how much we would like to write about something, if there isn’t sufficient material about hat specific something, it would be nearly impossible to do. Well, although it is encouraged that we write about something we are interested in, we should also make sure that we know enough about that topics for us to be able to write something of sufficient content.

Everyone who writes has their specific pool from where they get their material. Some people get their material from having different conversations with different people while others get their material purely from accredited studies and documentaries. Well, information nowadays has become way too much for us to handle and because of the abundance of information, we wouldn’t even be able to evaluate whether or not something is authentic.

Here are a few ways where you can get sufficient material:

1. Books or Articles
Books or articles online are a great source of information and basis for your writings. The good thing about these books and articles is that the authenticity, although not always a hundred percent accurate, is substantial enough to feed your writing. Quoting people who have spent extensive time to research about the topic is something you would definitely want to do as this not only solidifies your writing but also gives credit where credit is due.

2. Comments and Opinions
Comments and opinions are quite important but sometimes unreliable. Ironically enough, it is very easy for you to find misleading comments and opinions than those which are actually educated and solid enough to be taken as facts. Comments and opinions are still necessary as you can easily compare the material you have with the thoughts of others. Knowing what others think is very important. Besides, it is them reading your article anyway.

3. Imagination
Really? You can do this? Yes! Your opinion matters too! The scary part about every opinion is the tendency for something to be bias depending on the involvement of whom the opinion belongs to. Imagination is a powerful tool and if not used to its full extent might even bring you downwards instead of improving your writing. Make sure that your imagination stays imagination and that you differentiate that from the cold hard facts in your writing.

Not everybody is good at writing but that’s okay. Writing is a skill and like most skills, it can always be improved. There are so many ways to get the sufficient material for your writing and it would be a waste if you don’t make use of each and every one of them. Give importance to research and you’ll see how big of an effect it would be towards the quality of your article.


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