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7 Travel Item Must-Haves



Traveling has always been one of our favorite activities. Low fare rates offered by airlines, travel packages and tours, craving for fun, adventure and bonding with loved ones are just some of the reasons why we love to travel. With that, if we are planning to travel outside of Singapore, we need to always carry with us these travel must-haves:

  1. Food for the Travel Junky. Eating in airports can be bit expensive, unless you prefer to eat fast food all the time (which are the only ones affordable btw). You can bring your favorite comfort food with you to keep you company especially if you can’t find something promising in the airports or terminals.


  1. Medicine. You will never know what would happen during trips. You might get to eat something nasty, you might get diarrhea, colds and cough, allergy attacks, migraine or any sickness that could drive you away from enjoying the whole trip. To prevent and cure that, bring with you necessary prescribed medicine always.


  1. Headphones or Earphones. If you want to just be with yourself, chill while listening to feel-good music, and watch a movie while waiting for your flight, this is the must-have you need to bring with you.

  1. Organizer or Kit. To keep your things intact and not all over the place, you should bring this in your carry-on bag to do away from searching stuff you literally don’t know where you placed in your bag. Contents could be chargers, printed travel documents, make-up and other important things you own.


  1. Travel Pillow. To the sleepy heads, this should be a big check on the list. To avoid experiencing stiff necks and invading your seatmate’s personal bubble by sleeping in his/her shoulders, you should bring this pillow. More so, you can make sure that you can relax and have a good nap without causing any nuisance to others.


  1. Something to Read. If you are tired of stalking someone on Facebook and other social media sites, you can always bring with you a good book to read, your favorite lifestyle magazine, a newspaper or a travel guide booklet of the country or place you are about to visit. These will not only kill your boredom but are also informative. Learning something new while traveling sounds great, don’t you think?


  1. Power Banks. With all the electronics we have like cellphones, iPad and tablets, it is mandatory to bring your power bank with you anywhere you go while traveling. You’ll never know when or where you’d get stranded and all sockets in airports, terminals or public areas will be occupied so take this suggestion in hand all the time.


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