Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water


Having a balanced acid-alkaline measurement in our body fluids is essential for us to have sound bodies. If this is not achieved and our system becomes overly acidic, we may experience fatigue, chronic stress, poor digestion, body aches, and even more severe disorders. This is why we need alkaline water or ionized water, which restores the fluid balance in our body and provides it with beneficial minerals. Below are other benefits of drinking alkaline water.

When our bodies are well-hydrated from a water ionizer, we can reach our optimum performance. We don’t feel weak or tired during a long day’s work. Indeed, water does wonders. Health researches show that alkaline water from a water ionizer in Singapore hydrates better compared to plain tap water due to large deposits of minerals in alkaline water. Drinking lots of it helps our body neutralize acid and maintain a safe acid-alkaline level.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer helps the body’s cells absorb the minerals they need for optimum performance. When there are no problems or abnormalities in our system, we feel rejuvenated, allowing us to survive a day of intense work or activities. Alkaline water also helps our body in removing unwanted toxins that may cause various illnesses or disorders.

Free radicals are the results of pollution and unhealthy habits, as well as being a by-product of metabolism. Constant exposure to these is detrimental to health and often leads to increased risk of having chronic diseases. Antioxidants that are greatly present in alkaline water reduce the potential health damages that are brought about by constant and excessive exposure to free radicals in the environment.

Alkaline water can cause weight-loss. This is because it helps the body get rid of fatty acids. Also, water is an appetite suppressant and it helps the body have good metabolism. Health experts suggest that the healthy way to lose weight is by following these simple steps: eat slowly by chewing your food well; eat
75% raw food, primarily vegetables and fruits; have daily exercise; and lastly, drink plenty of ionized water a day.

Lower Cholesterol Levels
Health studies show that drinking alkaline water lower the body’s cholesterol level. As a result, the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in our bodies become higher compared with the level of bad cholesterol (LDL).

Liver Cleansing
Our liver is vital. Its main role is to remove toxins from our bodies. Drinking alkaline water shows a significant increase in the level of important antioxidants in our bodies that protect liver. As a positive result, our livers can perform its main role efficiently.

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