9 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean


Not everyone is fond of cleaning the bathroom but there are ways to keep it dirt-free and odor-free without exerting too much effort. Here are tips for keeping your bathroom clean all the time.

Don’t use a bar of soap. Ditch your soap bar and switch to a liquid soap instead. The bar can leave residues on the dish soap and will make your bathroom like untidy and grimy. This way, even your sink will stay clean, too.

Use a water repellent. Tired of having to scrub the shower curtain and walls to remove soap scum and minerals? The lazy way to avoid the task is to use a water repellent just before you use the bathroom. You will still need to clean and scrub occasionally, but this will help keep your bathroom looking immaculate.

Protect the shower curtain. How do you keep the shower curtain clean? Spray the bottom of the curtain with All-purpose cleaner that contains bleach, then rinse with water to get rid of scum, minerals, and mold without having to scrub. This only works for vinyl curtains.

Wipe down the walls and shower. Make it a habit to wipe the wet walls and door with a moist squeegee just after you bathe. This will only take a few minutes and will save you time in the long run. Moisture can be a big problem in bathrooms because that will encourage mold growth.

If your bathroom has windows, make sure to open it occasionally to dry moisture. You can also have an exhaust fan installed or leave the door to the bathroom slightly open to allow moisture to evaporate.

Wipe up fresh spills and stains. What about stains from cosmetics and other body products? Do not wait for the spill and stain to dry before you decide to clean it. The simplest solution is to wipe it with wet tissue or wet wipes while still fresh.

Clean the walls with water and vinegar mixture. Instead of scheduling one day in a week to scrub the walls, why not spray them with a mixture of water and vinegar right after you bathe? The vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant. It can also get rid of stains.

Use baking soda on the toilet. Instead of purchasing a toilet cleaner, just sprinkle baking soda on the toilet daily right before you shower and then scrub for less than five minutes. This will prevent stains from building up.

Remove dust when you see it. The easiest solution for this is to pat the dusty surfaces with used dryer sheets. Not only do you get to recycle materials, you will also save time scheduling a vacuuming of the bathroom surfaces.

Place clothes hamper in the bathroom. There should be a container for used towels and clothes before you leave the bathroom. Place it near the door so it’s easy to reach. However, don’t mix in wet or moist towels or clothes with the dry ones.

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