5 Makeup Shopping Mistakes to Avoid


We’ve all been there before. Getting overly excited to use your newly-bought makeup, only to find out that you bought the wrong shade, or a product that’s too watery to even go smoothly on your skin. It’s really frustrating and disappointing, right? But sulk no more. We listed down five of the common makeup shopping mistakes that you should watch out for the next time you buy your makeup goodies.


  1. Sampling Foundation under Artificial Light. While it may seem fine, sampling your foundation under the fluorescent light will only cause you to buy a foundation shade that doesn’t match your skin tone. Instead, apply your foundation in your neck area and examine it under natural light. If you want, you can also let it set on your skin for a couple of minutes then check whether or not the shade matches your skin tone.
  1. Testing Products at the Back of Your Hand. Although swiping a lipstick on the back of your hand will give you an idea on its pigmentation and finish, it still won’t show you how it will look like once you swipe it on your lips. The right way to do it is to have the lipstick tube disinfected first, then swipe it over your lips. If you want, you can also bring your own lip brush and apply it on your lips. The same thing goes for testing your foundation.
  1. Buying the Largest Product Size. If you’re only repurchasing a trusty beauty product, then it’s fine. If you’re trying out a new product though, we suggest that you stick with the product’s smallest available size first. You should know that makeup isn’t cheap, so make sure that you’ve assessed the product well enough before purchasing its biggest size or in bulk. If a free sample is available, then don’t hesitate to try that one out first.getty_rf_photo_of_woman_shopping_for_makeup
  1. Failing to Do Some Product Research. Just like in buying a new phone, you should also perform some research on the makeup product that you’ll be purchasing for the first time. Read some reviews on trusted sites, and see how the product worked for them as this will also give you an idea as to what kind of results you might get.
  1. Ignoring the Ingredients List. If you want to keep your skin smooth and youthful, then we suggest that you don’t commit this mistake ever again. Be always on the lookout for products that list alcohol, paraben, petroleum and artificial dyes as their ingredients, since these chemicals may cause some harm on your skin. So do your skin a huge favour and make it a habit to read on the label of each product.

Committing these mistakes can be quite easy to forget especially when you’re in the rush of buying a new product. But that’s just not an enough excuse to not shop wisely when doing your makeup purchases. So the next time you shop for an old or new makeup product, ensure that you’ll shop smart so that you’ll also get what you’re paying for.


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