5 Holiday Decors You Can Use All Year Round


One of the most looked forward activities during the holiday season is the traditional decking of halls. It’s a tradition that’s begged to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate, while Christmas carols fill the background.
But somehow, it’s also a bittersweet practice, knowing that—after you’ve put up the decor and appreciate all its glory—you’ll have to disassemble everything and store them back into the basement until the next Christmas.
But, wait… who said you can only use your Christmas lights and giant candles on holidays? With a little creativity, you can use the following Christmas decor items to suit all seasons all year round.

1. String Lights
Those twinkling string lights you used to wrap around the Christmas tree can be repurposed to suit as home decor even after the holiday season. You can light up your headboard with it or fill up a mason jar to serve as a lighting table centrepiece.

2. Hurricane Glass
During the holidays, we usually put candles inside these glasses. After Christmas, replace candles with something more versatile, such as driftwood, colourful stones or even the string lights from your Christmas tree.

3. Decorative Branches
The braches you used to hang Christmas balls and ornaments can have another purpose. Use them to hold little trinkets like keys and photos. You can also put them in a large vase and place them near the doors, beside the TV or in any corner of your home.

4. White Candles
White candles are common during this time of the year, but they can also be appropriate for other occasions, such as the Halloween.

5. Hanging “Cheers” Banners
Whether yours is in gold or silver, you can reuse it as an additional decor to your parties. It would look perfect over a bar cart or a cocktail buffet table.

More Tips to Make Christmas Items Work throughout the Year
• Separate Greens and Reds
People instantly associate green and red with Christmas. For your holiday decor to work anytime of the year, separate these colors and sprinkle them tastefully around the house.

• Accessorize Smartly
Boxwood topiaries and wreaths are traditional holiday decor. Looking stellar with big red bow on Christmas, it looks just as pretty with linen accents after New Year.

• Change the Color
Got some excess Christmas candles? Spray paint its candle holders to match the season. You can always switch colors to make them look new again throughout the year.

• Repurpose Burnt Light Bulbs
Even burnt light bulbs from your Christmas lights can be repurposed to serve as a year-round decor. One way to reuse them is to transform them into colourful bowl fillers. Simply coat the bulbs with all-purpose glue and then dip them in glitter. Once dried, place them in a bowl to serve as coffee table centrepiece.

Get creative and save a bit of Christmas in your home all through the year with these unique decorating ideas.

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