5 Fool-Proof Study Tips to Ace that Exam


Is your major exam around the corner? No need to worry about last-minute cramming, here are some essential study tips to help you ace that test with flying colors!

Prioritize important tests
The thing is, you are likely to be better at one particular subject compared to another. With limited time to study for the exams and catch up with all the information you have to be familiar of, you have to prioritize studying for tests that you know need utmost dedication. Committing time where they need it is an important strategy all students must learn.

Ask about content and format
Exams are generally composed of one to three types so as to truly put to test what the student has learned over the semester. In order to get acquainted with what’s to come, ask your mentors about the exam format, either if it’s essay form, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, modified true or false, and the like. This will guide you in your study process.

Study in advance
Ideally, you have to study at least one month prior to the big day. Studying over a long period of time is noted as the right way to study, but sadly, a lot of students fall into laziness and procrastination to even pull this trick off. Creating a study plan for the upcoming weeks is also one way to stick to your study routine. Aim for A’s!
Snack breaks

It is essential to take short five-minute breaks in between study sessions to let your brain relax. Your mind can only absorb so much knowledge in due time, and if you force it to take more than it can get, then your studying may only be futile in the long run. Allow the information to sink. Snack on healthy brain foods like fruit, almond, and yogurt.

Develop study habits
Each one of us learns differently. That means, you may be good with color-coded outlines but others may find it as a difficult way to study to. Others may use songs to memorize lists and important details. While there are some who use acronyms and use each starting letter as a guide to memorize significant information. Nevertheless, figure out study habits that work well for you and adapt them.

Good night’s sleep
As much as we all would love to sacrifice sleep for additional hours of reading and studying, it has been found out that students generally perform better with a full eight hours of sleep every night. This may be difficult to do considering the many books and notes you have to study, but remember that you need your full energy and focus while the exam is going on.

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