5 Fashion Tips in Choosing Your OOTDs



In Fashion, being the center of attention or the stand out is a main goal. It takes us a long time to choose our outfits because we want to dress to impress on a day to day basis. There are many fashion styles that we can wear but it will always depend on how we embrace each style or on how we choose the best outfit for the day. In Singapore, fashion enthusiasts elaborated these five simple tips on how to choose our outfit of the day:

  1. Feel your mood for the day. In choosing your outfit, knowing your mood is important. What you feel would always reflect on what you want to wear during the day. If you feel happy and enthusiastic, you might want to wear bright colored outfits with prints. If you feel sad and low, basics like jeans and shirts in black, white and nude colors are the best resort. Your mood, though not all the time, dictates what you’re going to wear every day.


  1. Check your closet. You should always check your closet. It is mandatory to check what clothes you have at the moment because it would be upsetting if you planned a specific style for the day but you do not have the supply of clothes in your closet. It’s important to check your resources and then plan for what you are going to wear.


  1. Choose the best outfit. It’s really a challenge to choose the best outfit of the day. Choosing what’s best would depend on not only your mood but also on what you feel is most comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. It may also depend on where are you going or in what kind of event you’re going to attend.

  1. You can actually experiment and use different accessories. Try to check on what best suits you and your outfit for the day. Also, limit the accessories you put into your body. Remember, less is always more.


  1. Do your own Hair and Make-up. You can always opt to just let your hair flow freely, wear a casual ponytail, braids, waves or a comfy yet classy bun. In terms of make-up don’t put too much. If it’s a just a normal office work day, just use light eyeshadows and light colored tints and lipsticks. If you are going to attend a special occasion or if you have an important meeting, just keep your hair and make-up casual yet elegant at the same time.

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