5 Cities Every Foodie Should Visit


Some of us plan our travels based on the food we love or want to taste, while others are fine with having food as an afterthought during their trips. If you fall into the former, you should be a food-minded traveller who’s on the constant search for the best places to visit and eat. To satisfy your discerning palate with impressive delicacies, here are five food cities to plan your next travel to.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’re talking about food in Copenhagen, then there’s no reason to not mention Noma – a restaurant that changed the culinary scene with its innovative and creative cooking practices. Just be prepared to do some major planning beforehand though, if you want to score a table at this notoriously hard-to-book establishment. If you prefer a more laidback and casual experience, then head to Copenhagen Street Food market or Torvehallerne market for an overwhelming stretch of food stalls and trucks.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand. A foodie who enjoys flavour and spice? Then Bangkok, Thailand should be at the top of your must-visit places. Street stalls are almost everywhere that you can just follow the aroma to lead you to amazing food options – pork and fish stew, mango stick rice, and noodle bowls are just some of the street food staples. But if you’re looking for a more upscale atmosphere, Nahm and Gaggan restaurants are just a few of the places to dine in. These restaurants are known throughout the world for consistently serving exceptionally good food.


  1. Paris, France. Although there are a lot of great dining places throughout France, there’s just something about their café culture that draws us in. Among the cult favourite cafés include L’Avant Comptoir, a standing-room-only place that serves a myriad of flavours and the best selections of wine. Marché des Enfants Rouges also provides unique food experience if you prefer walking through food markets and trying a bit of everything.


  1. Tokyo, Japan. From their famed ramen and sushi to some of their lesser known foods, Tokyo truly has one of the largest restaurant scenes across the world. You can start your day by hunting down the ramen and sushi shops that open early, and then explore the Tsukiji Fish Market to get a taste of some of the freshest and best seafood imaginable. If you prefer a more relaxing ambiance to enjoy Tokyo’s breath-taking sceneries with pleasurably good treats, then head over to one of the many tea houses found in Tokyo for a traditional tea ceremony.


  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you’re the type of foodie who feels like a meal isn’t complete without some tasty meat, then you’ll surely be satisfied in the meaty food delicacies of Buenos Aires. Best place for budget-conscious and meat-minded foodies, this place is known for serving incredible steaks at a very modest price tag. Steaks By Luis is one of the favourite places, but you can also go around town and find more steak restaurants and parrillas to explore.

Finding a great place to eat during a travel can be difficult at times, so ensure that you get to satisfy your wanderlust and inner foodies by considering any of these cities the next time you plan a trip.


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