5 Alternative Uses for Your Eye Primer  


Eye shadow primer is definitely one of the most loved cosmetic products by women, because it doesn’t only make your eye makeup look more vibrant, it also prevents the eyeshadow from pooling into your creases. However, your eye shadow primer isn’t just perfect for your eyes. It’s among the multipurpose beauty products that work wonders in several parts of the face. Want to learn how? Then jot down these alternative uses for your trusty eye primer.


  1. Under the Eyes: An eye shadow primer actually serves two purposes when it’s used under the eyes: prevent your concealer from creasing and make it long-lasting. Since the purpose of an eye primer is to prevent your eye makeup from creasing, the same principle also applies on your under-eye skin—allowing the concealer to cling easily to the skin and make it stay longer.
  1. On Eyebrows: Perhaps, most of us have experienced smudged off brows. Don’t let this happen again with the help of your trusty eye primer. Take a dot-size amount of your primer, and swipe it across your eyebrows. Let it set for a minute (or two) before applying your brow product. The primer will help keep the product in place, making your brows smudge-proof all throughout the day.
  1. Over Pimples: At some point in your life, you might have come across a foundation or concealer with poor pigmentation that doesn’t provide enough coverage to hide a pesky pimple. If this happens again, remedy this problem by dabbing a bit of your eye primer over the pimple before applying foundation or concealer. Lock the products in place by dusting some loose powder to ensure that the blemish is well hidden.


  1. Creases Around Your Mouth: As we age, it’s given that fine lines around the mouth will begin to crop up. You’ll eventually notice your foundation settling into these lines due to facial movement and oil production. Patting a small amount of eye shadow primer over these areas before putting on your foundation will prevent this from happening again.
  1. On Your Lips: Now, there’s an available primer for almost everything, including your lips. Yet, if you’re out of budget to purchase one for your lips, using an eye shadow primer will suffice. Have your lips moisturized before applying a tiny bit of primer. Once it sets, you can then coat your lips with your favourite lipstick. This trick will make your lipstick last longer and prevent the colour from bleeding or smudging off the lips

Multipurpose beauty products are real beauty savers—not to mention the time they save from putting on different products. With eye shadow primer being one of the excellent multitaskers, it’s no surprise why it has become one of the must-have products in every woman’s purse.


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