3 Simple Ways to Become More in the Moment


We’ve all reach a point in our lives where we start losing touch with one another, as well as with ourselves. We got so distracted by our cell phones and social media accounts that we are no longer putting much value on our face to face interactions. Still, it shouldn’t be that way. Start reconnecting your real relationships and focus on the moment that’s before you using these three easy ways.


  1. Put Your Cell Phone or Gadgets Down. This may be the most obvious thing that we can advise you, but doing this is actually quite harder than it sounds. We’ve become so attached to our cellular phones that we freak out every time they’re not within our immediate reach. We stopped paying attention to the people in front of us since we’re so focused on our phones.


Ever had a conversation with someone who didn’t even bother looking up from their phone as you tell them a story? It’s a rather bad feeling, right? So put your phone every once in a while now. Through this, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of the people you’re hanging around, and you’ll also start appreciating and seeing the the world around you in a new and better light.


  1. Hang Out With Your Friends. Sure, texting and social media are great tools that can easily link us to the most important people in our life. But that’s just not what we often use it for. Even when we hang out with our friends, we usually just sit around and busy ourselves with our phone instead of really bonding with them.


Staying on your phone for an extended period of time simply means that you’re bored. So instead of just staying in one place every time you hang out with your group, have an out of town trip with them or simply go out to a dinner with your circle of friends. If you’re going with the latter, have all your phones places in the middle of your table, face down. Set a rule that the first person to touch their phone gets to pay your entire bill.


  1. Do Activities You Love. We all have something that makes us happy. Whether it’s listening to music, taking photos, exercising or doing makeup. Even if you think that you don’t have any activity that you like to do, you can always try out each activity and discover what you like best.


Remember that we all need a moment that can pull us away from all the daily stress that we experience. If you’re struggling to snap out of it, try doing something as easy as controlling your breathing. Take deep breaths and slowly let it out. This will definitely help you ease all your stresses.

Being in the moment doesn’t really have to be that hard. All you’ve got to do is put down your phones, take a step back from where you currently are and appreciate all the small things that you haven’t appreciated before.


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