What You Need To Know About Sitting on Pee


Men do not have problems when peeing because they do not sit whilst doing it. For girls, we have troubles peeing especially after seeing the toilet seat. Imagine that you really have to go badly and run into a public restroom only to see that the toilet seat is covered with someone else’s pee. Instead of pursuing it, you hold back and look for a cleaner one.


You thought that you can get something out of the toilet seat. It is time that you forget about it and continue peeing. Worrying about getting genital herpes, AIDS and Syphilis is pointless. You should not worry of that ever happening because a pee won’t do anything that severe to you. Actually, according to Philip M. Tierno of New York University School of Medicine, even if you touched the pee and put it to your face, no harm can be done. The reason is easy – urine does not carry harmful microbes.

This does not mean that you cannot get something from it. Of course when you touch other dirty surfaces in a public restroom, there is a huge possibility that you will pick up stomach flu virus, influenza or cold but not herpes, AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. The risk of getting stomach flu, cold or influenza can be reduced by regularly and properly washing hands using soap, water and other bathroom facilities.


So, you sat without realizing at first that the toilet seat is covered with someone else’s pee. What will happen? For sure your but will get weight but it does not change anything. You should be happy to know that you will not catch any organisms found in urine. If you are afraid of AIDS, you have to be reminded again that the virus is only contracted via blood or sexual contact and not sitting on urine. You should be safe now.

If you are concerned about the herpes virus, you should know that it lives inside the cells. It will not survive long when discharged so it is unlikely to get it just by sitting on a pee. In the case of syphilis and crabs, it is also transmitted through sexual contact. There is also chlamydia. Do not worry because it remains inside the cervix and it cannot just make contact through the pee. Microbes have different life spans when it live outside the human host. In fact, viruses die the fastest compared to some bacteria. The thing here is if your bladder is in need of a release and you see pee around the toilet seat, it is futile to put layers of toilet papers.

Just release it and not think of someone else’s pee. If you are too conscious of this, you can just put layers of toilet papers but make sure that there is enough time before it burst. When you are done, remember to wash your hands. You may not contract sexually transmitted diseases but you are in risk for other illnesses like colds, influenza and the like. Hopefully this shed some light.


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