Ways to Upgrade Your Skill Set


Wherever we go, we need leverage or an advantage so that companies can pick us in a heartbeat. If we acquire significant skills, we will be relevant not only here in Singapore but around the world. We have to give this careful thought if we want to thrive in the midst of technology and globalization.


If we haven’t thought about it, this is the time that we should start exploring and upgrading our skills. Here are some ways to start upgrading our skills:

  • Maximize SkillsFuture Credit: There is no doubt that the first stop should concern our SkillsFuture. SkillsFuture is a national movement designed to assist us in developing skills our skills – at every stage. The good news is that the movement offers many programmes as well as initiatives that Singaporeans can use to deepen skills. The government introduced the SkillsFuture Credit that gives citizens ages 25 and above $500 credit. We can use these credits on training and programmes.


  • Consider online courses: If we are looking to study something that we are interested in according to our own time, the best thing to consider is online courses. There are various online courses available from universities from social studies, humanities to business and management skills. Known platforms include Coursera and Khan Academy. Some courses are free.


  • Be a visionary: Anything will not be possible if we lack the vision. If we really want not just to thrive but to be successful in whatever field we choose, we have to be positive and envision it. This can make a difference at the end of the day.

Hopefully the things mentioned above helped us determine our next course of action when it comes to upgrading our skills.


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