Tips to Achieve a Wonderful Wedding Video


Videographers do not have the same style in shooting and editing videos. All videographers have different skills and techniques on how they make their videos. The only thing that can be the same in all videographers is their equipment such as cameras, lenses, tripods and other equipment used for shooting. Even if you say that they have used the same equipment, there still differ in their ideas and style of shooting perfect videos.


Compared to old times, many videographers today have their own website that lets their potential clients view the style of their work. Everyone have different tastes and ideas for their wedding; others may want an adventure-filled video for their wedding while others want to have it the traditional way. Sometimes, it is hard for the couple to choose what they want but wedding videographers can suggest a style you might like.

In Singapore, wedding videographers shows not only their sample video but also their creativity and style. This is an advantage for them because today, many companies are penetrating the tight competition of wedding videography. Also, family and friend referrals are also ways to make the company famous.


Wedding is a fantastic occasion wherein two lovers unite. It is important to have your perfect wedding recorded so that you will have the memories on how you make it through all challenges. In an expensive wedding or even a simple wedding there is always a videographer that shoots everything happen or might happen. However, they must be selected properly for a perfect wedding videography in singapore so that you will be having no problems after your wedding video is produced and you can achieve your ideal video. In order to select a good videographer, you must know these things first:

  • Before you choose you videographer, you must speak to him first so that you would know what his style is. And because wedding videography is a difficult skill to master, choosing the experienced ones would help you comes up with your ideal wedding video.
  • Say to the videographer the importance of the video to you so that he will be keen to do your piece.
  • When you have chosen your videographer, have your relatives, friends and family be interviewed by the videographer so that he can gather ideas that may somehow help him construct the idea that you wanted.
  • A good videographer must have good equipment such as microphone specifically lapel. In Singapore, lapel is widely used during wedding instead of the typical wired microphone that is held by your brother or relative. Also, lapel can pick up sounds clearly.
  • In wedding videography, there must be at least two people to man the cameras so that after the event, they have sufficient videos to produce the best video for you.

And always remember to provide food for your videographer so that he will have the energy to survive for a long day for shooting of perfect videos. You will always get what you paid for when you also give the respect that these professionals want. Most videographers do not think of how much money they can get from you, sometimes their passion is the only gas that keeps them from running. So, do not forget to respect one another so that you can achieve the result that you desire.


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