Tips on How to Wake Up in the Morning Pronto



The hardest part in getting to work is waking up in the morning. The moment you survived the struggle and dragged yourself to the shower, the rest will follow easily. The temptation to snooze the alarm clock is just too powerful but you have to wake up if you do not want another late.

If the struggle is too real, you have to make changes in your lifestyle. You have to make sure though that the changes will resolve the difficulties you are having especially when it comes to waking up. Here are some tips on waking up in the morning pronto:

  1. Move the alarm clock far back. If your phone serves as your alarm clock, make sure that it is out of reach. If you can reach it, the tendency is that you can just switch it off or hit the snooze button. If you place it far back or at the other side of your room, you will have no choice but to get out of bed and turn it off. The moment you are out of bed, it is easier to get going.


  1. Develop a sleeping pattern. When developing a sleeping pattern, you have to make sure that it is regular. Remember that the body is your natural alarm clock. Once you have this regular sleeping pattern, the body will wake at the same time with or without the buzzing of your alarm clock. To do this, try to sleep and wake up in the morning at the same hours every day (including weekends).

  1. Let natural light in. When it is dark, the body will continuously release sleep hormone. If you let natural light come in the morning, the body will stop releasing such so it is easier to get up. The best thing that you can do is to adjust the blinds for natural light to come and this will instantly stimulate the body.


  1. Get moving as soon as you wake up. The natural light will stimulate your body but it will be wasted if you do not get up. You should get up and get moving. Activities can stimulate your brain and it will dismiss sleep. You can for instance go for a run or any exercise. You can also freshen up to “rinse off” the sluggish feeling.

If you want to keep up here in Singapore, you better follow your alarm clock strictly. Remember while you are sluggish over there, many people are actually getting more and more productive by the minute. Should this continue, you will find yourself left out.

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