The Importance of Making Eye Contact in Any Interaction


Making eye contact is a major part of communication. Whether you’re speaking to a Singaporean or any other person, it won’t matter how loud your voice is or how eloquent you are if you don’t look at the person you’re speaking to. Eye contact can be important in many, if not every interaction we have. Let’s just jump right into it!

Your eyes can communicate your thoughts and how you feel

For some reason, there are a lot of people who are good at telling your thoughts just by looking at your eyes. Though you may not notice it, how you hold eye contact may really say things about you. Sometimes you yourself would even use eye contact to decipher what the person across from you is thinking. There are also even times when you can communicate with your partner just by looking at each other, right? Simply put, the eyes are powerful tools for communication.

It shows that you are being attentive

How many times have you been with a person who rarely looks at you when you speak? This can be during a date, a friendly meeting, or even a discussion at the office. Surely, you’ll feel like that person is bored and he/she does not like to listen to you. On the other hand, if you maintain good eye contact, you can show that you’re actually interested in whatever the other person is talking about. It shows that you are engaged and, in turn, the other person will feel better about being in your presence.

It invites the attention of others

Put it this way, when you don’t hold eye contact with another person, it’s highly likely that they will do the same. So when they stop looking at you, of course, they’ll eventually stop listening as well. But if you were to make good eye contact, it helps the other person stay engaged in the conversation because they know you’re really interested in communicating with them. Even when you’re talking to a crowd, making eye contact can still have the same effect.

It helps you establish stronger relationships

In some situations, giving eye contact can mean that you’re meaning to start a friendly conversation with someone. There could be situations where you just find yourself staring at your girlfriend, for example, just admiring her. These are very subtle things and you really might not notice them, but they have quite a significant effect on our relationships. This could be because, as said earlier, eye contact is very simply a big part of communication. And effective communication is how we make our relationships stronger.

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