The Future of Construction


We are often bothered when we hear construction accidents and deaths. Here in Singapore, it is said that construction-related accidents and deaths have increased over time. That is not a good sign. To address this problem, researchers from ROB Technologies together with Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory have come up with a robotic tiling prototype.


Though this is still in the research and development stage, there is no doubt that it can advantage the industry. The Minister for National Development announced this in his blog on May 20, 2014. With the help of this robot, the risk for worksite accidents will be reduced.

According to the Minister, apart from reducing the risks of worksite accidents, the robot is expected to cut manual labour for up to seventy five per cent. This means increased productivity. Think of it this way: it will normally take two tilers two days to finish a HDB flat with three rooms but with robots, it can finish four HDB flats within two days. That is four times than the abilities of tilers.

Design of Robotic Fabricated High Rises

The robotic tilling prototype will handle the basic job (like tiling) while the construction workers will work with the high-value tasks such as grouting, refilling and cutting. This will surely add to the productivity of the workers. The Minister also added that the funding will come from the Building and Construction Authority.

If it is mass produced, the robot will be a great help in the industry. Another advantage would be the high precision that robots can give which will give consistency to the quality. The market will surely welcome this robot.


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