Real Talk: Why Holding off Your Life Events on Social Media is Important


No posts or it did not really happen. In the digital age, at least that is what it feels like. According to Justina, AspirantSG, “Social Media has helped us to better communicate, but not to better connect.” That is, our real lives are becoming less separate from social media interactions that connections can sometimes mean pixels instead of bond. Constantly browsing through our feed can also sometimes make us feel compelled to compete with our friends, compare ourselves and end up posting our every single milestone. And when things do not turn out to be what we hoped for, we get pressured in a way to give everyone a good explanation, like we owe it to them.

Life itself is tough enough, folks. The added pressure of explaining every misfortune is never necessary.
Here are four real-life reasons why waiting game is useful before announcing your achievements online!

1. Not all things are under your control
Nothing feels more tempting to post than when you feel like you are just an inch away from getting that job you always wanted. You answered each question correctly, you smashed them with the best ideas ever told and you just simply felt a professional chemistry of you and the employer!

You just nailed it! And you posted it on social media.

Then here comes the heart-crushing email saying, “We regret to inform you that we have decided to move forward with another candidate who is a better fit for this position. Thank you for your time and we wish you luck in the future.”

If that is not heartbreaking, then I don’t know what it is. Sometimes, our family and friends try to put back the pieces but it isn’t glued just right away. If you cannot bear telling people why you did not get the job, keep it all to yourself until you can see your signature on the contract.

2. Your critics will feed on you
While it’s true that some people who follow you on social media are genuinely happy when something great happens in your life, it’s also equally right that some people don’t wish you well. Some just hate you are doing better than them, sadly.

They can send you negative vibes in any possible way. They might discourage you or tell you things that will hinder your growth. Just like in real life, surround yourself with people who support you in the process and tell the ones who will help you get where you want to go.

3. You will answer to “When?”
When are you going to be promoted? When are you moving abroad? When will you get married?

“When” questions will kill you that it will make you want to disappear on the face of the earth for a while until you figure out the answers to ALL of these. Again, it is best to hold your horses until what you are about to announce is a done deal!

4. Everyone is not entitled to know your business
You lost five pounds. You bought a new house. You received an award at work. Some accomplishments are better left unannounced. As what they say, “Just because it’s not on social media doesn’t mean it’s not real.” An achievement doesn’t become any less just because you’re the only one aware that it happened.

We have to learn to validate ourselves even if no one is watching and quantifying our milestones through virtual likes and compliments. Consider it as a personal success and keep improving the version of yourself. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. What we think of ourselves supersede all of that.

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