Not Getting Too Comfortable Online


The internet changed how we interact with each other. People far away can now talk face to face in real time. We expanded our network of friends. More importantly, we can get information with a few clicks. Alas, the world has changed. We are getting too comfortable online that we fail to recognize unsafe practices. Did you know that many strangers can access your information once it is online? It makes you more vulnerable.


The answer to this predicament is to learn how to limit the information you published online. Unfortunately not all people recognize the dangers of getting too exposed. These people continue to publish and publicize their life like it is an open book. Sharing of personal information should be limited. Here are some guidelines that you can pursue when you publish information online:

Think before your click

You should think a thousand times before you post it. When you post something that is offending, remember that you cannot take it back and you are responsible for that. Even if you try to edit or remove the content, chances are there may be someone who saved it. Once your published something, regardless of your efforts to remove it, there will be copies left online.


Be cautious of what you advertise

When you post something about yourself, it is a form of advertising. Though you are not a good, the fact that you are broadcasting yourself to the public means you are letting the public consume you. You create a profile with a lot of personal information like address, telephone number, email address, friends, family, pictures, etc. You have to be cautious of what you post online.

Do not consider the internet your diary

Whenever you think of the internet, see it as a book or novel. Books or novel are for everyone. You have to leave some privacy. Do not reveal everything because it will make you an easy target. Do not consider the internet as your diary or journal. If you are making yourself too available online, security problems will surely arise. Leave something for yourself.

Basically, you need to be guided with your common sense. If you do not want to publicize something, do not bother at all. If you publish something, make sure that you do not hurt somebody. If you do not think before you click, there is a big possibility that you become a victim of identity theft or stalking. You do not want that.


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