Guidelines for Holding or Handling a Sword


There are people who are fond of collecting swords. In fact, here in Singapore, the number of sword collectors is increasing every year. Collecting swords is an expensive hobby and a dangerous one. Apart from Japanese swords, Singaporeans are increasingly interested in replica guns and knives. If you are into this, you should know the trade.    ken_rhinocerous_sword

As long as you do not use it to harm other people, you can have it. You have to be sure that you only consider it for its aesthetic value. There is nothing wrong if you want to collect Japanese swords, replica guns and knives. You should be responsible though. Here are some guidelines that you can consider:

  1. Be wary when holding it. When you hold the blade, you should be wary. Even if it is just a replica, it can hurt you and other people around you. When you hold it, you should be aware of your surroundings. Aside from that, you have to be conscious about your fingers. Never curl your fingers in the blade.Holding_two-hand_sword
  2. Do not swing it recklessly. When you have a sword, you like the feeling of swinging it like a true samurai. That is okay if you make sure that you do not get hurt and the people around you. Do not swing it recklessly like you are playing a toy. It is a real thing and it can be fatal.
  3. Do not drop it. When you hold the sword, the basic rule is never drop it. No matter what happens, you have to hold on to it. If you drop it, there is a big possibility that you hit your feet or the feet of the people around you. It will be painful. Avoid dropping it.

After learning about the guidelines, it is time that you know how to take care of your swords. If it is expensive, you have to make sure it is in good condition so your money will not be wasted. Here are some ideas:

  1. Keep it clean. You should clean your blade at all times so it will not be corroded or damaged. Its beauty lies on the blade. When you notice signs of rust, you should clean it with mineral oil. Look for a cloth and wipe it with the oil.
  2. Store it safely. Your sword should be stored in a dry environment. Do not keep it in a place where there is mixture because it can cause corrosion. If you want to display it, you have to provide a sword rack and hang it on its balance point.

Hopefully the things mentioned above can be of great help to you. If you are just starting with your sword collection, you can ask other people who have experience in the field. For sure you can get important insights that you can use.


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