Guidelines for Hair Masking At Home


We’ve heard about face masks before. In fact, surely most of us have jumped the face mask bandwagon and these include Singaporean women as well.


Recently, another masking technique has been making a buzz among the beauty and blogger community. Our tresses, much like our skin, should also be nourished using hair masks. People who regularly color, use heating hair tools, or take part in salon services must see to it that damage repair is being done to keep hair healthy and full of life. Of course, it goes without saying that regular people who just want to take their hair care regimen to the next level can also use hair masks.

Since hair masking is a new thing, a lot of people may have doubts, questions and reservations regarding this beauty trend. This article aims to give you an easy way to understand hair masking and what it entails.



Regularly treated hair needs more nourishment. Be sure to use a hair mask once every week or every other week to repair damaged and dry roots and tips.


  1. Firstly, before using a hair mask, be sure to read the instructions from your store-bought hair mask product. Carefully scrutinize the ingredients in your hair mask so you know what you are putting in your hair.
  2. Follow instructions carefully to get optimum results.
  3. Pick a hair mask formula depending your hair type: curly hair, color-treated hair, straight hair, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to clean your hair before applying the mask. Clean up all the products and dirt weighing your hair down first before enjoying the hair mask.
  5. Never apply the mask to the roots of the hair. Applying the mask to the roots makes the hair lose its natural volume.
  6. Mind your coverage. Applying the mask by hand does not spread the product evenly. Try combing your hair after applying to ensure equal coverage.
  7. Store-bought hair masks too expensive for you? You can DIY a hair mask using ingredients already in your home. Common hair mask ingredients include eggs, honey, different types of oils, avocado, yogurt, and apple cider vinegar.


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