Choosing a Wedding Venue


Your wedding will be the most important event of your life. And before you go through all the decoration and theme planning, you have to choose first a wedding venue in Singapore. Choosing a wedding venue should not be a head-aching task. Keep everything you need in mind and these following things to have a stress-free, smooth-sailing wedding venue planning.

Space could be one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue. This factor depends on the number of guests who will be present on the actual wedding day. Estimate the number of guests, and then look for potential venues that can accommodate the size of your party. Also, don’t forget the program. If you’re planning to have the wedding ceremony and reception in same location prior to choosing amongst wedding venues Singapore you have to make sure that the space has dance floor that could accommodate everyone, space for live band, and a space for dining. Separate venues for ceremony and reception can be a problem especially if they are situated faraway from each other. You probably don’t want your guests to travel almost an hour just to get to the next location. It is also recommended to have the ceremony in a venue near hotels. Your guests from faraway places will need a place to stay and it would be wise to have it near hotel areas.

This is one of the most overlooked factors when choosing a wedding venue. It is very important to inquire if you can have you own caterer or you have to use the venue’s caterer to avoid waste of money and time. Here are more catering concerns you should ask before booking your wedding venue.
• If required to use the venue’s caterer, what is the payment arrangement?
• What’s included in the package?
• Do they accommodate people with special eating needs, like people with allergies and vegetarians?
• What are the drinks included?
• Do they serve liquor?

Style and Theme
Style and theme must also be considered when looking for a Singapore wedding venue. Choose a venue that matches the style and formality of the event. Ask for help if you think you need suggestions or recommendations about this matter. Seek help from a professional wedding planner to work out the style and theme of a certain venue.

Wedding Photos
There’s no wedding with no photograph moments, so it is equally important to choose a wedding location in Singapore where you can take memorable snapshots of your most special day. Many couples choose venues with picturesque view so that photos can be taken anytime, anywhere. There are also venues that provide special spaces specifically for photo capturing moments, so make sure to ask or look for it.

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