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8 Tips to Become More Organized in Your Life


Keeping your things organized can have a lot of benefits and save you from many troubles. But there are usually times when we find it hard to keep things orderly, whether we’re used to it or not. So here are some tips for you to get up and organize!

Write everything down

Don’t trust your memory entirely and write everything down on paper. Write down your plans, ideas, and to-do lists in a piece of paper and put it some place where you can look at it anytime. You can use Post-its, well, that’s what they’re typically made for.

Try to not procrastinate

Organize things as soon as you can. Finishing your tasks as early as possible can save you from worry and unnecessary stress later on. Procrastinating makes it hard to keep organized because you keep things lying around, and eventually everything will come piling up on you.

Put everything in place

Assign a place for specific things. Clothes go to the cabinet or wardrobe and dishes go to the dish rack, these are the obvious ones. Keeping your computer files in specific folders neatly is also another. You’re doing this basically to keep things from getting mixed up and causing confusion.

Back up files

One clear problem that comes with having too much stuff is misplacement. This can be pretty annoying especially with important documents and pictures in your computer. Rather than keeping all your files amiss, back them up so that you won’t worry about them getting lost.

Keep clean

On the tip about writing things down on post-its: get rid of them if they prove no use anymore. Sure, you can write things to keep organized, but always remember to clean up and dispose of unnecessary things. Keeping organized comes from a great deal of de-cluttering and cleaning. And stuff don’t clean themselves, so get moving!

Put things away after using them

We’re used to leaving our stuff on the table even if we’re done using them. We sometimes fail to notice though, that things are already piling up and things are getting messy. To keep your place organized and spacious, it would be best to put things away immediately after using them.

Prioritize needs over wants

Aside from things that you really really want, don’t buy or get rid of things that you don’t really need. Having more items necessary will only lead to more clutter. You’ll have a difficult time sorting through mountains of stuff when you can actually save time if you only keep things you need and really want.


There are many places around Singapore that accept clothes and homeware as donations. New2U Thrift Shop, The Salvation Army, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), to name some. Donating not only helps you keep your place clean and organized, it also allows you to help others in need.

Activities That Can Enhance Our Problem-Solving Skills


Problem-solving is an essential skill for all humans because we face problems and challenges each and every day of our lives. Everyone is raised with the ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions. But, there are questions and challenges in life that can be bigger than others. So, it is important for us to keep our brain sharp and better our problem-solving skills. Here are some activities that help us do just that.


Puzzles and strategy games like Sudoku, chess, crossword, and even the Rubik’s cube have been able exactly for sharpening our problem-solving skills. The mechanics of each puzzle requires a good amount of strategic-thinking for us to be able to complete them. Hence, we get to sharpen our problem-solving by figuring out the patterns and applying the mechanics accordingly.

Escape rooms

It is said that one the most challenging escape rooms in Singapore is LOST SG as the amount of problem-solving required to succeed is immense. Well, escape rooms have typically been built around coming up with solutions to certain puzzles and problems and the overall skill of problem-solving. So they, no doubt, improve our ability to analyze and solve problems.


It is already known that engaging in physical exercise and sports does marvels for the brain. There are many sports that can enhance problem-solving.

  • Soccer – soccer (or any fast-paced sport really), prompts our brain to all at once analyze, strategize, and command our body to do the most optimal actions for us to perform well. Therefore, we don’t only exercise the body, we also give our mind a workout.
  • Golf – people might not think of it, but successfully getting the ball in the hole requires a lot of strategic-thinking. You have to consider the wind, the distance, the type of club your using, and many other factors.


Save yourself the questions, yes, sleeping is an activity! And getting enough sleep can bring a lot of benefits to our overall health. When we get enough sleep, we allow our brains time to rest and repair cells and nerves that are essential for creative and innovative processes. When we enter the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) state as we sleep, it allows our brain to make more connections that can positively affect our memory and analyzing capabilities.


Our ability to solve problems can often be restrained by anxiety, lack of confidence, distracting thoughts, and etc. When we meditate, we become more in tune with ourselves and become calmer and more at peace. Meditation frees the mind of stress and anxiety, allowing us to get rid of or mitigate these mental obstacles. This then, results to a fresh and sharper mind that enable us to think more critically and helps us control our emotions and impulses.


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