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5 Cities Every Foodie Should Visit


Some of us plan our travels based on the food we love or want to taste, while others are fine with having food as an afterthought during their trips. If you fall into the former, you should be a food-minded traveller who’s on the constant search for the best places to visit and eat. To satisfy your discerning palate with impressive delicacies, here are five food cities to plan your next travel to.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’re talking about food in Copenhagen, then there’s no reason to not mention Noma – a restaurant that changed the culinary scene with its innovative and creative cooking practices. Just be prepared to do some major planning beforehand though, if you want to score a table at this notoriously hard-to-book establishment. If you prefer a more laidback and casual experience, then head to Copenhagen Street Food market or Torvehallerne market for an overwhelming stretch of food stalls and trucks.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand. A foodie who enjoys flavour and spice? Then Bangkok, Thailand should be at the top of your must-visit places. Street stalls are almost everywhere that you can just follow the aroma to lead you to amazing food options – pork and fish stew, mango stick rice, and noodle bowls are just some of the street food staples. But if you’re looking for a more upscale atmosphere, Nahm and Gaggan restaurants are just a few of the places to dine in. These restaurants are known throughout the world for consistently serving exceptionally good food.


  1. Paris, France. Although there are a lot of great dining places throughout France, there’s just something about their café culture that draws us in. Among the cult favourite cafés include L’Avant Comptoir, a standing-room-only place that serves a myriad of flavours and the best selections of wine. Marché des Enfants Rouges also provides unique food experience if you prefer walking through food markets and trying a bit of everything.


  1. Tokyo, Japan. From their famed ramen and sushi to some of their lesser known foods, Tokyo truly has one of the largest restaurant scenes across the world. You can start your day by hunting down the ramen and sushi shops that open early, and then explore the Tsukiji Fish Market to get a taste of some of the freshest and best seafood imaginable. If you prefer a more relaxing ambiance to enjoy Tokyo’s breath-taking sceneries with pleasurably good treats, then head over to one of the many tea houses found in Tokyo for a traditional tea ceremony.


  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you’re the type of foodie who feels like a meal isn’t complete without some tasty meat, then you’ll surely be satisfied in the meaty food delicacies of Buenos Aires. Best place for budget-conscious and meat-minded foodies, this place is known for serving incredible steaks at a very modest price tag. Steaks By Luis is one of the favourite places, but you can also go around town and find more steak restaurants and parrillas to explore.

Finding a great place to eat during a travel can be difficult at times, so ensure that you get to satisfy your wanderlust and inner foodies by considering any of these cities the next time you plan a trip.


6 Backpacking Tips for First-Timers


While it may sound unpredictable, reckless and dangerous, backpacking is a travelling experience that’s definitely worth trying out. It may seem like a terrifying travel prospect at first, but as soon as you get to experience it, it’ll surely become you’re best option for travelling. So if you’re a first-time backpacker who wants to get the most out of the experience, here is a list of backpacking tips that will surely help you have the time of your life.


  1. Decide on a Destination. Since it’s your first time to go on a backpacking trip, why not go to places that are pretty accessible with a bus or a boat first. If you plan on going on an international destination, then we suggest that you subscribe to several airline websites to stay updated with sales and ticket promos. It would also help if start your backpacking trip to countries that don’t require visas.
  1. Perform Some Research. Before heading out to your destination, it would be best to know their customs and prices first. Arriving without any prior knowledge on the place’s prices for accommodation, transportation and food will leave you vulnerable and be easily taken advantage of. Experienced backpackers also suggest reading up on your destination’s local customs to avoid any miscommunication.
  1. Travel Light. The best way to enjoy a backpacking trip is to not allow yourself to get weighed down by any physical, emotional and mental baggage. Leave all the preconceived notions that you have of a certain place behind, and learn to have an open heart and mind. Let the place and the locals fill you with amazing travel experiences.


  1. Explore the Locale. A good way to get the most of your backpacking trip is by exploring the locale. Don’t hesitate to talk with people. Trust us, they know all the best and cheapest restaurants and bars in the place. Get lost in the city, but be sure to find your way back to your inn before the night falls. If night exploration is your thing, then find a companion whom you can trust and serve as your guide.
  1. Spend Wisely. Finding good deals at a low price is one of the important parts of backpacking. Look for cheap but delicious local food in your destination, learn to haggle when buying souvenirs and opt to stay in low-cost hostels. Who knows, you might even meet some fellow backpackers in hostel common rooms.
  1. Stay Safe. When travelling alone, one thing that you should keep in mind is to trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy walking down the streets, walk into a restaurant or a shop and have them call a taxi for you. Carrying a small flashlight, a whistle and a card with emergency numbers would also be good in case something terrible happens.

Backpacking can seem like a terrifying travel option at first, but by following the aforementioned tips, the dangerous travel prospect may become the best travel experience you’ll ever have.



Tips on Making Money While Touring the World  


Travelling the world is something that most people dream of doing. But when you add up the airfare and hotel booking cost, as well as taking the time off work, going on a two week vacation every is anything but affordable. Still, if the idea of getting out of Singapore and see the world appeals to you, here are some clever ideas on how you can earn while satisfying your wanderlust.


  1. Work from where you’re staying during your trip

Home-based jobs have become popular for most people today, since with fast internet connections at home, a daily trek to the office is no longer necessary. Which is why getting handful of online jobs is a great way to earn some bucks while going around the world. Every major city in the world now have good internet, but be wary as some country’s internet connections aren’t as reliable as you imagine it to be.

  1. Become a freelance tour guide

Applying as a freelance tour guide in the place where you’re temporarily staying is another good way to make money while travelling. You have the choice to be a freelance tour guide, or go and work for a tour company. Of course, working on a contract with a tour company will give you more security, but most people prefer working as a freelance as it gives them more flexibility in where they travel.

  1. Be a flight attendant

One great option that provides you with both security and travelling opportunity is becoming a flight attendant. With this job, you’ll get a reasonable wage while travelling the world as your work. Also, Singapore flight attendants are provided with incredible benefits for their own independent travelling.

  1. Make money blogging

There are various ways to earn money online as you travel, and being a freelance blogger is one of them. If you love writing and blogging, then this job won’t seem like work at all, and you can even turn it into a lucrative business if you want to.


  1. Sell photos of your trips

If you have the eye for photography, then becoming a photographer is another fun way to earn money while capturing the beauty of your trips. Just purchase a decent camera, take some good shots, and sell your photos online. You can sell your photographs on stock photo websites, travel magazines, or companies. If you want, you could also set up your own website to display and sell your shots.

  1. Get a cruise liner job

Similar with being a flight attendant, becoming a crew of a cruise liner is also a great job to get into if you want to earn some bucks, and have an all-expenses paid trip around the world. The travelling hours can be quite long though, and the pay is not that brilliant, but meeting new people and seeing new sights will make it all worthwhile.

  1. Opt for seasonal jobs

Not afraid of working outdoors and doing a bit of hard work? Then seasonal work in orchards and farms are perfect for you. People who are in this business bounce all over the world, as they follow the harvest season in different countries with trips that are fully funded.

There are various ways on how you can make some money while travelling. Perhaps, the best advice for this is to have a variety of income source while travelling instead of sticking to a particular job. Also, be sure to have a ‘get home quick’ fund safely stashed away in case you might need it.


Tips for Business Travellers


If you are a Singaporean businessman/woman, you would like to travel comfortably. If you are a representative of your company, you would like to travel in a classy way. Thankfully you can travel in a comfortable and classy way. Traveling can be difficult and stressful if it is done regularly. If your job description entails traveling, it is crucial that you consider some tips so you can make it as smooth and painless as possible.


Here are some tips that you can consider while you are travelling:

  • Make use of hotel concierge. If you are a frequent customer of a hotel, you can ask the hotel concierge to keep a small suitcase that contains all your essentials like the toiletry so the next time you travel, you will not bring a lot of things. Hotel concierge will handle your luggage and mails. The concierge can also arrange tours and make your reservations.
  • Always prepare your bag. You do not know when is the next business appointment so it is better to prepare that bag. It would be better if you have a bag with everything in it so when it is time, you only have to grab it and go. There are people who designate a drawer so when the time has come, they only need to grab it and start packing. This is easier.


  • Get the Global Entry. If you are a frequent international flyer, you can consider the Global Entry. Global Entry is administered by the Homeland Security. This is a system that will allow frequent flyers not to undergo screening process. You should apply and if it is approved, you will be given certification. When you have this, you do not need to remove your belt, jacket, shoes and other items.
  • Noise cancelling headphones. When you are flying, you want to relax. Your reclining chair can help but your noise cancelling headphones will make a difference at the end of the day. If you are given the chance to scour the bag of frequent flyers, you will always find headphones. Headphones can isolate the sound. It will give you the peace and quiet you deserve.

Traveling is fun no matter how many times you do it and regardless of the business you are attending. It is important that while you are at it, you should enjoy every second because not all people are given the chance to travel often. In fact, it is then dream of many people to frequently travel at the expense of another.

If you are not needed immediately in your Singapore office, find time exploring the place. You can dine outside or see what the city has to offer.


How to Get a Great Singapore Cruise Ship Experience


Preparation is very important not just in traveling but also in all things. If you want to achieve a good outcome, you need to set all up and get ready. Talking about cruise passengers, they do not prepare for a trip or perhaps they don’t want to be equipped for the journey.


When you are planning for your cruise trip, you must know first the things you may need. Here are other tips:

Doing Your Research

This is the first rule you really need to follow in every ocean trip – Research. Research is the key to avoid disappointments and frustrations. When you are planning to have a cruise trip, know more about the location and the destination of your trip.

Choosing the Right Cruise Ship

Visit at least three best cruises ticketing office or website of your choice. After that, seek help from your family, friends and relatives. They are only few of the most trusted individuals who can give you honest opinions. Usually, they base it on their experience.


Special Requests Notification

Almost all cruise lines have special equipment for persons with disability. These are wheelchairs, canes, hearing aid, oxygen and more. However, you need to request for the equipment immediately after booking tickets so that the cruise line can prepare it for you. Also, you need to inform if you are pregnant, with illness such as diabetes, allergies and other physical disorders so that they can put you in a room which is more convenient when you want to tour around the ship.

What to Leave Behind

You should leave all information you have such as contact numbers, address, the cruise ship number, color, time of trip and all important info. This can be very helpful especially when disaster happen.

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