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4 Important Things to Bring to the Beach


During summer, many individuals go to the beach. This is one of the places wherein you can actually unwind after a stressful week of work. Not only beaches here are known for its white-sandy beaches and for its scenic view but also for its fantastic attractions in the deep.


However, when you go to the beach, you need to bring something. So, what are the things that you must bring on a beach trip? Here’s the list of some important items to bring on a beach vacation:

1. Money: Of all the things that you need to bring, money is the most important. Forget about your shampoos and soaps because you can buy that at stores near the beach. Also, if you ate hungry, you can purchase at the resort you are in.

2. Extra Clothes: Aside from money, you need to have bring extra clothes so that you can go home dry. Also, clothes are hard to find at stores near the beach. You will have to go downtown to buy some extra dress.


4. Sunblock: Due to the extensive heat that is experienced all throughout the nation, it is very important that you carry some sunblock. This thing must be brought so that you can enjoy your beach trip.

5. Camera: Whether you like it or not, you should bring this one. Why? Of course! To capture every happy and meaningful moment in your life.

Don’t forget these things to have a wonderful beach vacation.


Easy Breezy Christmas Cooking


Christmas is coming. There are many things going on that sometimes it is hard to cope up. You have to think of the presents, parties and reunions. Regardless of the things that you need to do, remember that nothing is impossible. You can overcome it gracefully. After all, Christmas is not about parties and presents. It is about celebrating the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ.


Cooking is part of a celebration, right? If there is one thing that you need to endeavour, it should be cooking. Cooking for the family and friends is a worthy thing to do. Here are some tips that you can use when you are dealing with cooking:

Start now

If you do not want to cram, you have to start now. Planning takes time you know. It does not manifest easily. The secret to a trouble free Christmas cooking is planning ahead. Write down your plan so you will not forget about it.

Watch out for menus

Since you are starting now, it is better that you begin thinking about your menus. You have to design a menu which will include meals, desserts and drinks. If you start early, you have the chance to look for other ideas.


Look for recipes

If you identified your menu, the next thing that you should do is look for the recipes. You can consider the internet or cooking magazine. It would be helpful if you read your recipes over and over again. Check recipes and see if there are things that you can make in advance so you can prepare it.

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping should be done before the rush. Do not shop a day before Christmas because you will surely encounter long queues and parking problems. When you go to the supermarket, make sure you have your list.

Keep it simple

It is okay to cook complicated dishes but you should be sure you can do it. Sometimes simplicity is good. When you cook, your family and friends will not judge your cooking. You are not in a competition so keeping it simple will do just fine. The important thing is the taste and the companion.

Delegate tasks

Cooking will be easier and more fun if you are joined by the family and friends. Do not assume all responsibilities because it will exhaust you. You should delegate the tasks so all family members. This is an excellent bonding moment.

Preparing for Christmas meals should not be troublesome. You have to enjoy the process because it is meant to be that way. Do not be stressed or feel exhausted. It is a nice feeling when your family and friends appreciate your cooking – no matter how worse it is. The fact that you put your effort can make a difference at the end of the day.


Senior’s Acceptance of Technology


Seniors here in Singapore are proud to tell the youths that they can keep up. They can join RSVP Singapore, a non-profit organization that helps them with their computer lessons. Here in Singapore, there is a big percentage of people aged 50 years and above who openly welcome Smartphones, laptops and tablets.


In the past, youths will say that old people and technology is not a good combination. But times are changing. Seniors now are keen on learning more about new technologies. Whether they do it willingly or not, they have to accept the changes because it is part of their daily lives.

What are other things that seniors need to accept and learn? Here’s a list:

Automated Teller Machines

Old people need to deal with Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). Now, they can simply go to a dispenser and get their cash anytime anywhere. They do not need to go to a bank and wait for the queue just to get some cash.

Automatic Ticket Machines


Old people can deal with the changes of transportation through learning how to use automatic ticket machines. The automatic ticket machines will allow efficient way to distribute tickets.

Chip Cards

Chip cards can be used for purchasing. It can be used to purchase fares and tickets regardless of the transport mode. The chip card is easier than looking for a spare change when purchasing tickets.

Navigational systems

When old people drive, they depend on their common sense and experience but modern cars boast of its navigational systems. Seniors can take advantage of this system if they purchase modern cars. If old people still prefer the traditional car, they are still welcome to purchase it.


Tips When You are Travelling Abroad


If you are planning to travel abroad, you should pursue it. You may hear unfortunate events but do not let it ruin your plans. There is no guarantee that you will have an incident free, smooth and safe trip but you can prepare for it so you can keep away from serious difficulties when you are abroad. Here are some preparation tips that you can consider:


What to Pack

You have to pack lightly. Pack your toiletries and medicines. When you pack, carry fewer valuables like jewellery because it can draw attention. You also need to secure your passport, credit cards and cash in your luggage bag.

What to Leave

As mentioned above, you need to leave whatever valuables you have not to draw attention. For example, avoid brining unnecessary credit cards, social security card and many more. More importantly, do not forget to leave a copy of your itinerary to other family members.

What to Learn

You should learn the laws of the country you are planning to visit because you will be bounded by it. Learn as many things as you can about the country and make sure that you understand everything. You need to know the location of your consulate or embassy.


What to Arrange

Before leaving, make sure that you arranged everything from your itinerary to your plane tickets, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, etc. It will be easier if you settle first before wandering around the country.


Wherever you are, make sure that you employ the same precautions as you would when you are at home. For example, avoid short cuts, narrow alleys and poorly lit places because you are susceptible to crime or violence. Always travel with a companion.

Travelling abroad entails a lot of things to do but it does not compare to the good things that you will encounter and experience. The most important thing is you know where your embassy or consulate is so when you are in distress, you will know where to go.

Where to Find the Trendiest Items in Singapore


Singapore is the perfect place to get in style. Singapore is a fashion haven for all fashionistas out there. There are many shopping centres here that will entice you and encourage you to look your best all the time. If you want an exclusive brand, you can find many international brands here. If on the other hand you can only afford local designers, you can find great deals as well.


Here’s a list of places you should go to:

Fuchsia Lane

Fuchsia Lane is located in Tanjong Pagar Road. They are open from Tuesday-Friday (12noon to 7:30pm) and Saturday-Sunday (1pm to 7pm). If you have inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6227-3168 or you can email them at fashion.suite@fuchsialane.com.

The store only features the masterpiece of the local designer Vivienne Lin. The store offers ready to wear apparels, wedding dresses and tailoring services (if you want customized uniforms and gifts).

Woods and Woods

Woods and Woods is located in North Bridge Road. They are open from Monday-Saturday (12pm to 8pm) and Sunday (12pm to 5pm). If you have questions, you can call them at (+65) 6224-5501.

The store is created by Jonathan Seow, an award winning designer. His themes are modern silhouettes and he is praised for his smart use of materials. You will surely find fashionable pieces here.

Louis Vuitton Island Maison

Louis Vuitton Island Maison is located in Crystal Pavilion North of the Marina Bay Sands. They are open from 10am to 11pm daily. If you want to call for inquiries, you can reach them at (+65) 6788-3888.

This store occupies two floors that give emphasis on travel luggage pieces and the accessories that come with it. You will find many Louis Vuitton products here. You will surely enjoy shopping because of the bookstore and art galleries.

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