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What Mutant Powers Do Singaporeans Wish to Have?



Many Singaporeans are looking forward to the screening of X-men: Apocalypse. According to the some reports, the new franchise will be screened here on May 19, 2016. X-men: Apocalypse is a superhero movie based on the characters from X-Men of Marvel Comics. X-men: Apocalypse is the sequel of X-Men: First Class and X-men: Days of Future Past.


The story is about a powerful mutant wreaking havoc to build a better world. The mutant’s name is En Sabah Nur. He recruited four followers and now Charles Xavier together with Raven gather a group of young mutants to help save the world. These mutants have superpowers. If these superpowers are used wrongly, the world will be in ruins.

Superpowers are fictional and the chances of someone having it is absolutely zero. However, there will come a time that you think what if you are given a chance to choose what mutant powers to pick? What would you choose? Here are famous mutant powers from your favorite X-men series:

  • Telekinetic power: Now this superpower is ideal. Before your boss asks for something, you already have an idea what it is and you start doing it. You read the mind and nothing beats it. Do not forget to be responsible enough and not steal other people’s ideas.
  • Shape shifting: If there are times that you just wish you are somebody else, you will surely love the shape shifting power. This power will transform you to any person you want to be. Do not transform into your friends though and do crazy things wearing their faces – that is not being responsible.


  • Teleporting: Teleporting is an idea that took the interest of many scientists. If you have this ability or power, you have unlimited access to time and space. Teleporting is good for people who are on the go. It can also save precious time and money.
  • Manipulating magnetic fields: All metals at your command? That would be cool but you have to be responsible. Metals are everywhere so you can literally manipulate anything.
  • Controlling weather: It is always hot there. If you have this power, you can just change the weather as you please. You can even make it snow. You can finally experience the feel of winter and spring.
  • Flying: Perhaps most people here want the power of flying if it makes things easier and faster. You do not need to face traffic because flying can take you anywhere. Now that is environment friendly and cheap.

If only superpowers are true. Knowing that it is not, you need to focus on your inner superpower to help the weak and powerless. You do not need superpowers for this.


Convincing Singaporeans to Choose Entrepreneurship



Here in Singapore, life is hard without a living. Some are enjoying their living while others are struggling to meet both ends. Here, the classic formula is to study hard, do well in school, graduate then eventually find a good job and work your way from there. If you continue just like that, there will come a day that you will boss the people around.


However, many modern people think that making a living is more than a profession like being doctor, lawyer, banker or civil servant. Making a living also means being an entrepreneur. In fact, the government is convincing people to consider entrepreneurship. It is not easy being an entrepreneur here but one can make it do. For those who are not that convinced yet, here are some points that you can consider to choose entrepreneurship more than any profession in the world:

  • Altering of mentality: The society is conservative but with the coming of technology and innovation, it is time to change mentality. It is undeniable that the brightest students in the society are anxious of getting into a profession seen by the society as “suitable” for them. If they wander off the beaten track, people will think that it is a waste. If this mindset will not change, students will take conservative jobs.


  • Diversity at school: Diversity is important in every society. Even in school, when students are empowered of the range of possibilities for their future, they will think of broader things like being an entrepreneur.


  • Reduce intense culture at work: Maybe you haven’t heard of the news but in average, we work longer than any other people in the world. This intense culture at work merely deters your potential to be good at something else. Some businesses started as a side gig. It is not an “all or nothing” risk unlike what other people are led to believe. You can start slowly and surely then devote all your energy to it.


  • Unemployment benefits: The government should think of something to entice more entrepreneurs. Why not start with unemployment benefits for entrepreneurs? While some are building their own network and empire, the government is backing them with financial support. This is enough to motivate and give chance for individuals to excel in business.

If that is not that convincing, at least think about it for some time and realize the difference. It is not yet too late to consider entrepreneurship. The journey is not a guarantee success but the important thing is you learn at the end of the day and cope up.


Think Before You Click


It is still the beginning of 2014 but there have been two reports of persons posting insensitive and offensive remarks on social networking sites. The first case was an individual who assumes the name of “iamclarena” who posted racist comments on Twitter. The second case was a man using a fictitious name – Heather Chua who posted insensitive or offensive remarks on Facebook. 


The police are advising the public to stop spreading religious and racial remarks because it can provoke hostility between religions and races. You should know that under the Penal Code, any person found guilty of encouraging hostility on the grounds of religion or race is punishable. You can be imprisoned and/or fine.

If you are an online user, you should be cautious of what you post. Racial and religious remarks are prevalent. It is serious. Apart from that, you need to be careful of other things before you click that “post” or “tweet” button. Here are the things that you should stop “posting” or “tweeting”:

1. Do not broadcast your emotions. If you are battling something, you should look for your friend and talk about it. Do not just post it in social networking sites and be ridiculed by others. There are things that you should keep to yourself.

2. Do not broadcast your relationships. It is good that you are proud of your relationship but the affair is between the two of you. You do not need to broadcast how happy and sweet you are. There is nothing wrong if you post good things but you should select it.


3. Do not flaunt your riches. It is not your fault to be rich or privileged but you have to be sensitive of other people. You are also enticing other people to plan something that can harm you.

4. Do not reveal personal information. You have to know that there are many identity thieves online. If you post everything openly, you are making their work easier. Do not post everything especially your phone number, email password, bank information and everything that can compromise your identity.

How to Find Budget Gowns


For practical people, a budget wedding is appealing. Maxing out the savings or the credit just to have your dream wedding is not a sensible thing to do. There is nothing wrong with a simple and budget-constrained wedding. The good thing about this is that there are many venues here in Singapore that supports this kind of wedding.


In fact, there are a lot of hotel promotional offers that will surely entice Singaporeans. After setting the budget and the venue, you should proceed by looking for wedding gowns. Yes, you want a budget wedding but do not deprive yourself of experiencing a bridal gown. There are many cost effective wedding gowns that you can consider if you know where to find. Here’s a guideline:

Decide on the style

Bridal gowns should flatter you. There are certain styles that are costly but there are others that are reasonable. You can ask the bridal shop for their cheapest gowns and if you find it a good deal, you should book it. You can choose from A-Line, Sheath, Ball, Empire and Mermaid. These styles are great. You will surely enjoy fitting these gowns.


Consider the Season

If it is summer, lighter gowns are best. There are lighter gowns from wedding gowns singapore that are inexpensive. If it is cold season, you need warm and heavy gowns. Heavy gowns are kind of expensive because of its fabrics but surely you can find a great deal.

Rent vs. Own

The most practical thing to do is rent a gown. This means that you will only pay a small price because after the wedding, you need to return it to the bridal shop-in good condition. If there are tears and cuts, you will surely pay. If you can’t find something that you like among the wedding gowns you’ve checked, you can choose to just customize an existing gown.


You do the designing and you can find a seamstress that you know that way you can get discounts. It is nice to own a bridal gown because you can relive the moment every time you want. Do not forget to look for a suit for your soon-to-be husband. Make sure that the suit has the same accent with your bridal gown.

You also need dresses for your entourage. The next thing that you need to look is the catering services. If you need to scour Singapore just to find a budget catering service, you should do that. Of course your wedding is a celebration of your union and a celebration is not a celebration if there are no foods and drinks.

The cost of the catering will depend on the people you invite. The smaller the group is, the smaller your bill us. If you belong to the group of people that think wedding only comes but once, extravagancy is not a problem. You are entitled to have your own wedding according to your preferences.


There are many other things that you can do and more wedding gowns to choose from if you have a bigger budget. But you should always keep in mind that the simplicity or the extravagancy of the wedding does not imply a happy or lonely marriage. At the end of the day, the marriage will always depend on you and your partner’s commitment to each other.

Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons to Launch New Airline


Last September, Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons finally announced their joint airline venture to be based in India. The two companies already signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to launch a carrier. Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines submitted an application to the FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) and secured other approvals. For this new venture, Tata Sons will own majority of the shares (amounting to 51%). Singapore Airlines will own 49%.


This new venture seeks to stimulate and encourage people’s travel demands. Initially, the board of directors will be comprised of three members – two from Tata Sons and one from Singapore Airlines. The venture is said to provide India with world class airline. Singapore Airlines are very enthusiastic about this new venture.

There are no doubts that this will be a success. Tata Sons is one of the most well-respected airline companies in India. Singapore Airlines made the decision because they believe that India’s potential for the aviation sector is hard to miss. Furthermore, Singapore Airlines is confident that this new venture with Tata Sons will present India with economic benefits.

Tata Sons attempted this partnership way back 1990s, which means that the airline company has waited for more than twenty years. They never ceased their attempt until Singapore Airlines finally opened their gates to them. The time is right. Both companies are aware of the market demand and they simply want to give the customers a new and fresh option for air travel. Details are still ironed. Both companies will announce everything in due time.

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