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A Guide to Having a Meaningful Lent Season



During Lent, many of us opt to fly back to our hometowns and attend church services. For some, Holy Week is an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. However you choose to spend the remaining days of March, be sure to make the most out of it. Relax in your room, go on a mini vacation, or have a retreat. Lent is the perfect opportunity to have some quiet personal time and do the following:


  1. Deactivate Your Inbox

Since Maundy Thursday is a regular holiday, try finishing all your pending tasks before then. By tying all the loose ends, you’ll be able to give yourself a holiday free from work emails. Although distancing yourself from work during Lent might be difficult, especially for those with busy schedules, doing it will do you good. After all, dropping your to-do list for several days isn’t a sign of laziness. It’s a way for you to re-examine yourself, gather your thoughts, and do better once the holidays are over.

  1. Steer Clear From Social Media

While it seems impossible to completely give up social media during this break, there’s some merit to limiting your use to the essentials. Check traffic updates on Twitter, fix your schedule through Facebook Messenger, but leave the BuzzFeed Tasty food video for now. Use this time to sift through the ideas and issues you’ve encountered on your feed in the past. Weed out the bad from the good information you see on your newsfeed, so you can identify issues that really matter to you.

  1. Read a Good Book

Another activity you can do during your time alone is to cross out books on your reading list – and we don’t just mean self-help books – read whatever catches your interest. Reading allows you to escape, and forces you to concentrate and eliminate potential stressors. One study even showed that reading almost instantly helps a person to relax. It also revealed that it only takes six minutes of reading to ease tension in the muscles, and slow the heart rate down.


  1. Start a Journal

You know your grade school teacher was on to something when she required you to keep a diary. For grown-ups like you, journaling will help you gather your thoughts and make sense of your fast-paced life. So during your time alone, try expression writing: jot down bad and good memories, scribble your thoughts, and write as if you’re just telling stories to your friends. Doing this allows you to know yourself better, while keeping the stress away.

  1. Determine What’s Important to You

What can’t you live without? This is one of the important questions to ask yourself during this period of reflection. If you’re currently in a toxic relationship, or a job you don’t like that much, use this period to weigh your options and decide if you should just let go or hold on. Zero in on your priorities. Family? Faith? Career? Think about these things, then list them down. Once you’re done, identify the parts of your life that contribute to the development of these priorities. Focus on these parts and let go of the ones that doesn’t make the cut.

For one week each year, you get a chance to pause everything. To stop whatever it is you’re busy with. To take some time off, and get away from all of it. So ensure that you make the most out of the coming lent season by engaging in any of the aforementioned activities.

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Tips to Achieve a Wonderful Wedding Video


Videographers do not have the same style in shooting and editing videos. All videographers have different skills and techniques on how they make their videos. The only thing that can be the same in all videographers is their equipment such as cameras, lenses, tripods and other equipment used for shooting. Even if you say that they have used the same equipment, there still differ in their ideas and style of shooting perfect videos.


Compared to old times, many videographers today have their own website that lets their potential clients view the style of their work. Everyone have different tastes and ideas for their wedding; others may want an adventure-filled video for their wedding while others want to have it the traditional way. Sometimes, it is hard for the couple to choose what they want but wedding videographers can suggest a style you might like.

In Singapore, wedding videographers shows not only their sample video but also their creativity and style. This is an advantage for them because today, many companies are penetrating the tight competition of wedding videography. Also, family and friend referrals are also ways to make the company famous.


Wedding is a fantastic occasion wherein two lovers unite. It is important to have your perfect wedding recorded so that you will have the memories on how you make it through all challenges. In an expensive wedding or even a simple wedding there is always a videographer that shoots everything happen or might happen. However, they must be selected properly for a perfect wedding videography in singapore so that you will be having no problems after your wedding video is produced and you can achieve your ideal video. In order to select a good videographer, you must know these things first:

  • Before you choose you videographer, you must speak to him first so that you would know what his style is. And because wedding videography is a difficult skill to master, choosing the experienced ones would help you comes up with your ideal wedding video.
  • Say to the videographer the importance of the video to you so that he will be keen to do your piece.
  • When you have chosen your videographer, have your relatives, friends and family be interviewed by the videographer so that he can gather ideas that may somehow help him construct the idea that you wanted.
  • A good videographer must have good equipment such as microphone specifically lapel. In Singapore, lapel is widely used during wedding instead of the typical wired microphone that is held by your brother or relative. Also, lapel can pick up sounds clearly.
  • In wedding videography, there must be at least two people to man the cameras so that after the event, they have sufficient videos to produce the best video for you.

And always remember to provide food for your videographer so that he will have the energy to survive for a long day for shooting of perfect videos. You will always get what you paid for when you also give the respect that these professionals want. Most videographers do not think of how much money they can get from you, sometimes their passion is the only gas that keeps them from running. So, do not forget to respect one another so that you can achieve the result that you desire.


Why Bbq Catering For Your Next Event?


Are you thinking of hosting a party this coming weekend? Maybe this is something you do very often and enjoys doing. You may even have thrown a birthday party for each of your family member. Or maybe this is your first time to host an event and you have no idea what and how to plan it. Whichever case you’re in, bbq catering is always a good way to celebrate. Though there are many other types of food catering, barbecue has always been the favorite food of many party goers in Singapore when it comes to outdoor gatherings. Here are the reasons why:


1. Casual and Relaxed Ambiance

Cookout party is definitely more casual than indoor fine dining party. By opting for a cookout affair, your guests are able to relax and socialize casually. And since barbecue is a finger food, they can bring the food along with them to the dance floor or while they chat with other guests. Otah and satay dishes are much easier to eat while having fun in a party than saucy filet mignon and rib eye steak.

2. Accommodate Large Crowd

If you have 150 to 200 invitees in your guest list, it might be very strenuous for you to provide everyone with complete dining utensils and glassware. For weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings and other occasions with huge number of guests, bbq catering can be your best choice. In most cases, bbq wholesale and catering companies provide buffet style banquet, saving you more money for not having to hire servers to set up the tables and plate the food. Or if you wish to have a less casual and more elegant style of bbq party, you can go for plated barbecue meals instead. Whichever way you prefer, you will still save a lot compared to other types of banquet style.


3. Quick and Easy to Plan

Throwing a bbq party does not need thorough planning. You can plan it weeks, days, or even hours before the scheduled time of the party, as long as your cmy bbq Singapore wholesale and catering provider is available on that day. Bbq dishes are very easy to prepare and doesn’t need sample tasting sessions. Most of the common foods served in a bbq party are burgers, sausages, hotdogs, grilled seafood such as fishes and shrimps, vegetables, fruits, and ice cold beverages.

4. Perfect Weather and Locations

The next reason why bbq catering should be a top choice for your next event is for you and your guests to enjoy the perfect location and weather of Singapore. The country is gifted with an almost all-year round sunny weather and has so many outdoor venues to offer. Condominiums and other residential areas provide open spaces where residences can hold their parties, get-together, and other social gatherings.


5. Local Barbecue Tradition

Another reason why bbq party is famous in Singapore is because of the local bbq tradition that is appreciated and admired by many people of different nationalities. Singapore is well-known for their authentic satays and other South East Asian dishes, which are even served in many countries around the world. People from outside the country enjoy the authentic flavors and aroma thereby prompting them to try making it on their own and experience the intricate, delicious taste of bbq with their family and friends.

Chinese Celebrations 2013


Chinese have many festivities. Many people look forward to the festivities of Chinese because of its grandeur and life. Chinese are too accommodating to let other people see, feel and experience their celebrations and festivities. If you want to witness Chinese Festivities in Singapore for 2013-2014, here’s a list:


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a widely celebrated holiday not only in Asia but around the world. The date of the New Year varies depending on the lunar calendar. The New Year is the most important and the longest of all festivals (celebrated for two weeks). The New Year will bring communities together and decorate every house or pathway with colourful lanterns, flowers and vibrantly coloured banners with greetings. It is full of traditions and beliefs. For instance family would clean the house before the actual celebration, pay off debts, paint the doors and windows red, etc.

For Chinese New Year 2014, as early as now there are scheduled programs in Singapore. New Year-Wishing Tree (January 7-14 February), New Year Festive Street Bazaar (January 10-30), New Year Opening Ceremony (January 11), New Year Nightly Stage Shows (January 11-30), New Year Street Light Up (January 11-February 28), New Year 7th International Lion Dance Competition (January 18-19), New Year Mass Reunion Dinner (January 26), New Year Countdown Party (January 30) and New Year Yuan Xiao Party (February 9).

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

For Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations 2013, the schedule of programs include Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony (September 7), Lantern Making Competition (August 31), Lantern Painting Competition (September 1), Festive Street Bazaar (September 6-19), Nightly Stage Shows (September 7-19) and Mass Lantern Walk (September 15).

If you don’t want to miss anything, please take note of the dates.

Nurturing Oil Painting Talents


Millions of adults and teenagers would break into a cold sweat if at all asked to make a simple oil painting in front of other individuals, let alone dream of having a piece in an art gallery. Truth be told, many of them would blame their inability to draw on the absence of artistic talent, and they would formulate all sorts of excuses to avert making that painting. However, a six year old would comfortably do the painting with utter confidence for all to see. What happens to our artistic selves between childhood and adulthood? This starts when you realize that your painting looks nothing like reality, and in an attempt to make it perfect, you fail considerably. Consequently, you label yourself as a horrible painter and artist.

Probably some friends laughed at your painting or drawing at some point, and that was the end of your artistic road. Usually, these critics come on hand on any child , and they are always quick to alienate their artistic side. Oil painting is not a distinctive art for talented or gifted individuals only. Truth be told, professional oil painting suitable for an art gallery requires some sort of artistic talent and gift. However, if you scrutinize children’s drawings, you will realize almost all of them make the same scribbles. So when does everything change? The utter distinction between talented artists and other people is that these so called talented artists never quit making those childhood scribbles, and they corrected themselves every time they went wrong.

Certainly, everyone can practice the art of oil painting just with more practice and exposure. Artists don’t just depend on their talent. As a matter of fact, professional artists even those from affordable art gallery are extensively exposed to distinct drawing techniques from books, artistic videos and even distinctive artworks of veteran artists. The key is being substantially ready to learn new artistic techniques. Sure enough, painting is not at all an easy venture, but many artists are not born, they are made! Renowned artists in Singapore are popular for their realistic oil painting, which are the most sought out paintings in Southern Asia as they depict past and present Singapore histories and icons.

Most of the famous artists in Singapore simply took an interest in the art of painting, and most were not necessarily born with the art. These art gallery artists took a keen interest in painting, always training and practicing to nurture their drawing talent. That’s where we all go wrong in painting and drawing. Painting is a seed impregnated in every child, and it all depends how you nurture and nourish the talent of an oil painting singapore painter to give rise to a matured, talented painter. Even professional artists make some unrealistic drawings, and they have to repeat so many times just to get the drawing right on paper. The base line is that all of us are born with exemplary painting talent; it’s just that others decide to nurture it, and others decide to bury it. Nevertheless, renowned artists in Singapore with pieces displayed in art galleries in Singapore have proven that anyone can paint if they are utterly keen and nurture their painting passion. Online painting is not rocket science, nor is it catered for some specific individuals. If you dig up childhood memories, then you will recall how painting was a stunning venture and simply a breeze. However, something about painting was jinxed somewhere, and that swept away all the interest and talent in painting.

Oil painting can be a successful venture for everyone, not to mention a refreshing hobby for all. However, it utterly depends of how you arouse and nurture that artistic side of you. With a lot of painting practice sessions, you can nurture your artistic side, and sure enough, the results will be appalling.


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