Avoiding Drowning Accidents


There was a case reported in Phuket last September where a Singaporean tourist nearly drowned. He was drunk but continued swimming anyway. He also ignored the warning flags by heading to the sea. Fortunately the tourist was saved but he had to be taken to the hospital because he drunk plenty of sea water. Before this incident, there are two Singaporean tourists who nearly died because of ignoring the warning flags.

This should give us lessons but it does not mean that we stop swimming. Swimming is fun but you should constantly think of your safety to avoid any accidents. It is okay if you are in a pool but what if you are heading to the beach? The beach is more dangerous than the pool. So, to come home alive, here are some tips to avoid drowning accidents:


1.   Do not drink alcohol. People drink when they are at the beach but they should not make it a habit. When you are drunk, you tend to “challenge” yourself, others or the nature itself. To be safe, sober up before swimming.

2.   Heed warning flags. Ignorance of warning flags will not save you. You should take time and ask the staff about warning flags so you will know what to do.

3.   Watch the children closely. If you have children around, you should watch them closely. Do not take your eyes off them even if you know they can swim or there is a lifeguard out there.

4.   Vest and floatation devices. If you do not know how to swim but you still want to enjoy the water, you should bring vest or any floatation device. It will give you a sense of security.

5.   Check the weather. Whenever you go out for a swim, it is imperative that you check the weather first. If the weather is not good, just postpone your swimming for your own safety. Do not underestimate the weather condition.

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