6 Backpacking Tips for First-Timers


While it may sound unpredictable, reckless and dangerous, backpacking is a travelling experience that’s definitely worth trying out. It may seem like a terrifying travel prospect at first, but as soon as you get to experience it, it’ll surely become you’re best option for travelling. So if you’re a first-time backpacker who wants to get the most out of the experience, here is a list of backpacking tips that will surely help you have the time of your life.


  1. Decide on a Destination. Since it’s your first time to go on a backpacking trip, why not go to places that are pretty accessible with a bus or a boat first. If you plan on going on an international destination, then we suggest that you subscribe to several airline websites to stay updated with sales and ticket promos. It would also help if start your backpacking trip to countries that don’t require visas.
  1. Perform Some Research. Before heading out to your destination, it would be best to know their customs and prices first. Arriving without any prior knowledge on the place’s prices for accommodation, transportation and food will leave you vulnerable and be easily taken advantage of. Experienced backpackers also suggest reading up on your destination’s local customs to avoid any miscommunication.
  1. Travel Light. The best way to enjoy a backpacking trip is to not allow yourself to get weighed down by any physical, emotional and mental baggage. Leave all the preconceived notions that you have of a certain place behind, and learn to have an open heart and mind. Let the place and the locals fill you with amazing travel experiences.


  1. Explore the Locale. A good way to get the most of your backpacking trip is by exploring the locale. Don’t hesitate to talk with people. Trust us, they know all the best and cheapest restaurants and bars in the place. Get lost in the city, but be sure to find your way back to your inn before the night falls. If night exploration is your thing, then find a companion whom you can trust and serve as your guide.
  1. Spend Wisely. Finding good deals at a low price is one of the important parts of backpacking. Look for cheap but delicious local food in your destination, learn to haggle when buying souvenirs and opt to stay in low-cost hostels. Who knows, you might even meet some fellow backpackers in hostel common rooms.
  1. Stay Safe. When travelling alone, one thing that you should keep in mind is to trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy walking down the streets, walk into a restaurant or a shop and have them call a taxi for you. Carrying a small flashlight, a whistle and a card with emergency numbers would also be good in case something terrible happens.

Backpacking can seem like a terrifying travel option at first, but by following the aforementioned tips, the dangerous travel prospect may become the best travel experience you’ll ever have.



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