5 ways to avoid belly fat


As we age, our metabolism isn’t like how it used to be. We find it difficult to burn calories and therefore they end up in areas of our bodies that were once lean.

If you’re one of the lucky few who has a figure-friendly metabolism, good for you. But for the rest of the population, belly fat might just as well be the public enemy number one.

No matter how health-conscious you try to be, there are just those adipose that seem to cling to you the more you want them to go away.

Here are a few tips to help you keep at bay those stubborn fats around your middle:

1. Stay away from sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks
Sugars are basically half glucose and half fructose. Our livers can only take a small amount of sugar to be metabolized by the body. Once overload happens, fat builds up and eventually our body becomes insulin-resistant. The substance sounds familiar because this is what diabetic patients inject to their system. Liquid sugar is more harmful as they contain calories and the brain just can’t seem to recognize them. Therefore, build up can also be a result.

2. Up protein intake
It is unknown to many, but protein is a macronutrient vital to losing weight. Basically, it reduces cravings by as much as 60%, making you reduce your food intake and therefore slimming down your belly. It also boosts metabolism and lets you loose around 80-100 calories. If you relapse to your old ways and seem to lax on your weight losing efforts, you won’t regain your weight like other people do.

3. Cut carbs
It is a common advice to trim down on the carbs if you want your belly to be flat as an iron. Low carb and low fat diets target fat in the belly, as well as fat found around organs and the liver. A minimum of 50g of carbs is advised per day. Any excess can cause fat build up.

4. Up viscous fiber
Soluble and viscous fiber is helpful for weight loss efforts. They bind water inside the digestive track, makes it as thick as gel. This sits in the gut, making you feel full and thus reducing your appetite. In one study, 14g of fiber targeted a 10% calorie burn. Over the span of four months, 4.5 lbs or 2kg was lost.

5. Exercise
Aerobic exercise is advised, instead of the spot exercise most people seem to be doing. One down side of spot exercise is that it isn’t as effective as we think it is. It isn’t helpful with reducing belly fat. Aerobic exercise on the other hand, reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar levels and improves metabolism.

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